Weekend Reads: Mobile Experience Management, Customer Experience
The weekend has arrived! Whether you are basking in the sun or hiding from the rain, what better time is there to catch up on all the features you may have missed this week? Over in the customer experience space we continued to talk mobile experience management, while in social business we looked into the future of SharePoint mobility and in the information management space we got a glimpse into the disruption in the document collaboration market. So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads.

Top Customer Experience Article

Find yourself sitting around and thinking "oh yeah, mobile. I should really get to that"? Stop procrastinating! The time is now! If you want your business to succeed, mobile is the way to go. Wondering how to start? Take a look at Tommy Landry's (@tommy_landry) latest article, Mobile Web: Responsive Design or Separate Mobile Site, App.

If you haven’t already figured out how to attack mobile with your own website, you simply cannot wait any longer to get serious about it. This goes beyond simply cobbling together a mobile app -- it must affect the very architecture and approach of the website itself."

The Contenders

It was a busy week in the customer experience space! In our contenders category we have:

Top Social Business Article

Microsoft customers have been clear -- they want SharePoint to be mobile. Unfortunately, Microsoft's solutions to date fall short. Is there any hope? Rich Wood (@sharepointrich) thinks there's a different approach, as he discusses in his recent article, The SharePoint Mobility Forecast: Outlook Cloudy.

While the release of SharePoint 2013 and even more recent developments have reflected major strides in this area, the true holy grail of an accessible SharePoint environment -- document sharing and collaboration -- remains unrealized."

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Be sure to check out:

Top Information Management Article

What does the future of document collaboration look like? Will vendors move away from generic solutions and begin to seek out more targeted campaigns? Will the focus shift? Will it takes less time to create a solution? Henry Worcester (@henryworcester) tells us in his article Document Collaboration: Time to Take a Fork in the Road or Stick a Fork in it?

... making significant shifts to higher-value offerings is easier said than done, especially when it comes to developing industry-oriented offerings -- what Forrester refers to as driving specific horizontal or vertical business value. This might explain why these voices in the wilderness are usually about as well received as speed bumps on the autobahn."

The Contenders

This week in our information management contenders space we have:

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