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Speaking refrigerators, smart thermostats, self monitoring oil refineries -- we've seen the future and it's here. But what are we giving up in exchange for these conveniences and is it a price worth paying? Read about this and more in this week's features as our contributors tackled the email question, the outlook for SharePoint in the enterprise and reports from the ground on the state of today's archives. Let's dig in.

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Technology's rate of innovation now outstrips our ability to adapt. With the internet of things quickly becoming a reality, what should our expectations for privacy be? Deb Lavoy (@deb_lavoy) tackles these questions in her Mobile is Over, Pervasive is Here. What About Privacy?

Here’s the truth. If you are storing information anywhere but within the confines of your house, you can be certain that someone other than yourself can see it. This means your cable box, your social media accounts, your Nest thermostat, your phone are conduits for others to see the most intimate details of your life."

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Before you start beating the drum for email's demise, stop and ask yourself what getting rid of email accomplishes? Megan Murray (@meganmurray)  takes a look at this ongoing debate and challenges us to rethink what we are trying to achieve in Are We Done With Email?

IT has embraced a growing ecosystem over the years. We have IM, social networks, we text, share folders, email and call. We all have different parameters for to whom, when and how we wield these tools. Replacing email entirely with any single option would break our social norms."

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SharePoint's growing list of capabilities offer a little something for everyone, but Joe Shepley (@joeshepley) argues that its days of being the sole provider of all your enterprise content management needs are numbered in The Evolution of SharePoint: It's Not Your Sole Enterprise CMS.

... the holy grail of a unified corporate repository as single source of truth, which has been dying a slow death over the last five years, will be helped into its grave by this evolution of SharePoint. Many folks have seen SharePoint as the last hope for trying to get all users on a single platform, and it's failed in that regard. So maybe, just maybe, we'll see a more nuanced (and realistic) approach to ECM emerge from the ashes of this dream."

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