This week our contributors finished off our month long focus on customer journeys with a look at the value of irrational employees for customer journeys and gave us a glimpse of the bright future of marketing. They questioned the obsession with innovative culture and discussed the features of the now widely available SkyDrive Pro.

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There may be competing approaches to marketing analytics, but which one will provide the most meaningful experience and give marketers the results they desire? Greg Silverman (@concentricabm) tells us in his article The Bright Future of Marketing:

We are in the midst of an age of empowerment: DIY musicians, self-published authors, personal social media accounts as sources of news, internet personalities that turn themselves into businesses and more. Why would marketing be any different? It isn't, and the businesses that will enjoy the most long-term success will be those that support this new outlook." 

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For the past few years a clear trend has been forming in all industries -- increase innovation. Teams have been created, processes have been developed and changes have been made but still, goals haven't been reached. So what can companies do now? Stephen Fishman (@trivoca) gives a fresh perspective into the innovative culture and provides A New Formula for an Innovative Culture.

So what's going on here? Why has it been so hard to create a culture of innovation? Perhaps it's because we have been asking the wrong question to begin with. Perhaps we should not be seeking to create a 'culture of innovation' at all. Maybe the right question is: 'How do we create a culture of experimentation?'"

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SkyDrive Pro has certainly been a long anticipated feature for many, having previously been made available with new SharePoint 2013 installations only. Now however, Microsoft has released a version that can be installed with Office 2007 and 2013. Jennifer Mason (@jennifermason) describes the available features to the long awaited release in her article SkyDrive Pro: Now Available for All.

While SkyDrive Pro is not a new tool, the ability to install it on a Windows machine, without having the latest version of Office installed is. Users can now download this tool for free and run it alongside of existing Office applications ... By taking the time to instruct your users on using this feature you will be helping to ensure that you are getting the most out of your SharePoint investment."

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