It's the year-end announcement time for free and open source software (FOSS) here at Two of the three most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world have updated recently (WordPress and Joomla). We're still waiting for Drupal 8 to debut, but that won't likely happen in December. Check out all the other activity in this popular space. 


Alfresco, like many in the content management space, will be Dec. 3 to Dec. 5  in Boston, Mass. for the Gilbane Conference 2013. is a media sponsor of this event, and we'll be providing continuing coverage of the most significant news and announcements. Alfresco will be exhibiting at Gilbane, giving attendees a chance to meet the team and see its products up close and personal.


Acquia has been releasing updates constantly throughout 2013, but the one we're waiting for is the Drupal 8 launch sometime in 2014. Most recently, Drupal-based social business tool Open Atrium was updated to version 2, and the Drupal 7-based system has already been downloaded nearly 4,000 times. Events wise, there are upcoming Drupal Camps Dec. 13 and 14 in Columbus, Ohio and Dec. 2 at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Additionally, there's a sneak preview webinar of an Acquia Insight update at 11 a.m. ET Dec. 3. Insight is an analytics tool for checking up on website code, app monitoring and developer workflows.


Concrete5 is a downloadable CMS that's due for a major revision, and Concrete5 version 5.7 in the works. A roadmap has been put in place, and the team is thinking big with a proposed new UI, deep re-architecting, and a rebuild of There's a Concrete5 work in progress (WIP) 5.7 version up at GitHub for the team to hack on. New features look to include single sign-on (SSO), a custom built JavaScript image editor, and topics that are hierarchies of tags. The major feature update, Gathering, is a content aggregator that pulls in social media content.

Crafter Software

Crafter will be at Gilbane as well, and members of the team will also be exhibiting and taking part in or conducting two sessions: Building Next Generation Web Content Management and Delivery and Modern Web Content and Experience Management. Russ Danner, Crafter vice president of products, will take part in both sessions.


On the enterprise portal side of things, Entando has launched version 4.0 with an updated Spring framework, and new Bootstrap based interface on the front end. The Community Edition is available free from GitHub, and the Enterprise Edition has also been upgraded. It features a cloud-ready architecture for compatibility with systems like Amazon EC2, Heroku and JElastic. There's also a renovated storage service for managing dynamic CMS resources and upgraded search engine.

eZ Systems

eZ Publish has released version 5.2, the third update in the v5 series, and it focuses on bringing marketing and customer experience management features into the core. Other main features include an updated caching system, native multi site support, and upgrading the Symfomy2 Full Stack Web framework to the 2.3 Long Term Support version. That means the framework will be supported for the next three years so websites can be assured of being more steady.


Hippo CMS will also be at the Gilbane Conference. Arje Cahn, Hippo CTO, will participate on a panel, Building Next Generation Web Content Management and Delivery Digital Experiences. He'll also be heading up a 45 minute Hippo product lab, Getting Personal with Hippo CMS.


ImpressPages, a lightweight CMS for non technical users, has released version 3.7. It includes the addition of nested widgets, a redesigned module menu and the ability to edit webpages from a mobile device. 


Joomla updated to version 3.2 in November, the biggest release yet for the second most popular CMS in the world. Joomla 3.2 features updates like version control, two factor authentication and a rapid application development module. In December, Joomla is set to release Joomla Framework 1.0, the latest version of what had previously been called Joomla Platform. The framework allows developers to build apps on top of Joomla, whereas the platform is really the engine that Joomla CMS runs on.  


Aleksandr Pchelintcev, a Magnolia product team member, will be at the GWT (Google Web Toolkit) forum Dec. 17 and 18 in Frankfurt, Germany. This forum is a JavaScript developer focused event, and Pchelintcev will be attending as a Vaadin expert. His session is called Magnolia CMS and Vaadin Integration: a Hot Fusion.


Nuxeo 5.8 debuted in November, the first long term support version the company has released under the recent release cycle changes. The next LTS release will be in roughly a year, so v5.8 features like updated APIs and content sync are ready to be for users to upgrade to now. The next two releases will be fast track updates, so users are encouraged to update to v5.8 as the latest production version.


Umbraco 7 has debuted, and after 18 months, the release has an updated interface, media picker, search and content tree. The interface has been rendered much simpler, downright sparse, some might say. There's a reason for this simplicity, of course, and the updated content tree is just one example. For folders that live in the tree on the left hand side of the dashboard, content can be drilled down into to the right of the tree, allowing much more space to see files.


Users of Typo3 were thrown for a bit of a loop in November when the company announced it was postponing the release of version 6.3, the long term support version. Because of the stability needed in an LTS, the company decided to delay the launch until next March. It did, however, release a second beta of v6.3, so people can see the updates more closely, and third beta version is planned for next month.


WordPress 3.7 has been released, and its most notable feature is to automate security and maintenance updates. This wasn't a major update, and for large websites, the automated updates may be better off being disabled. However, version 3.8 should debut next month. It features a refreshed admin design, and dashboard homepage. A beta version is available, and a final version is set to be released on Dec. 12.

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