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A round of applause for Drupal, please. Drupal is now powering more than one million websites worldwide, reinforcing its ranking as one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the planet. 

According to BuiltWith Research, Drupal powers more than 12 percent of the world’s top 100,000 websites as measured by traffic. That's still far behind Wordpress, which runs more than 43 percent of those top 100,000 sites. But it's still a significant feat, according to Holly Ross, executive director of the Drupal Association, the nonprofit organization that supports the Drupal open source project.

Ross is clearly enamored with Drupal. "Every day, we hear stories from all over the world about how Drupal is changing individual lives for the better," she effused in a statement.

Is there is a direct relationship between open source CMS and better lives? We'll let you make your own decision about that. And as you ponder the question, read on for more news from the world of free and open source CMS. And remember: everyone with FOSS CMS news should drop us a line so we can include you in our next monthly column.


Ok, ok. We concede "Drupal has grown from the dorm room of creator Dries Buytaert to a global force administered by a huge and vibrant global community," as Ross maintains. Perhaps that's why Buytaert, who wears dual hats these days as co-founder of Acquia and project lead for Drupal, plans to party so hearty at SXSW in Austin.

"Acquia is rollin’ deep, bringing a record expense account and more than a dozen people to SXSW, including Buytaert and Tom Erickson, Acquia’s CEO. [They plan to] sponsor parties with the ballers at Dyn, buy drinks, hit up food trucks and splurge on pedi-cabs.

As Tom Wentworth, Acquia’s CMO explained:

Acquia is bringing its full swagger to SXSW. And we’ve got cash money to spend. You won’t be drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon while you are hanging with the Acquia team, unless you’re a hipster, and that’s what you drink."

So should we expect a slight delay in this year's expected release of Drupal 8? We wouldn't want to interfere with "drinking in pubs and dancing in clubs," you know …

If you can't make it to SXSW, you can join the Drupal folks at a couple other events: March 24 through 30 at Drupal Developer Days in Szeged, Hungary, April 10 to 13 at NYCCamp in Manhattan or back in Texas in June at Drupalcon Austin.

As much fun as all this sounds, let's get back to business. Someone has to, don't you think? For the record, Drupal 8 will go into beta in about a month.

Composite C1

The latest release of Composite C1, Version 4.1, is out. It enables users to "drag media from their desktops. It also has a simplified multi-lingual workflow and mobile first starter sites with Bootstrap 3.1.1 that are easy to skin. Developers get full .NET 4.5 support, seamless LESS CSS integration, more rapid application development tooling and error feedback that "make the geeky angels sing," the company claims.

Composite C1 4.1 is currently the top rated .NET CMS at Microsoft’s open source portal CodePlex.

The next release, Version 4.2, is "coming along nicely," the company said. It will be a game changer in terms of how content editors can express themselves in the CMS. The user interface for managing in-content functionality is getting a major overhaul. The pixel perfect in-editor previews of renderings make it easy to identify the element you want to change and a simplified UI for managing settings make changes an uncomplicated experience, the company claims.

While the underlying engine and developer tooling for building in-content functionality has not changed, the new UX tweaks let content editors comprehend and manipulate a much larger body of functionality in context.

In the meantime, Composite C1 added an easy-to-use form builder that lets content editors to add customized forms to their website. And the C1 Console – the browser based tool used to manage content in Composite C1 – is now available in Danish as well as eight other languages, including English, Chinese, Russian and German.

eZ Systems

This month, eZ Systems will hold two roundtables at Digital Media Strategies in London and take part at the e-Marketing show in Paris focused on how to enhance content for online business.

The team is also getting ready to release the next build of eZ Publish Community Project 2014.3.

February was a busy month in terms of blog posts for the eZ Systems team. On the corporate site,, you can read the eZ Marketing Predictions (in two parts) as well as get a glimpse of the eZ Publish 5.3 roadmap, coming this spring. The marketing team published a case study from the French Banking Industry, CASDEN Groupe Banque Populaire, depicting how eZ Publish was deployed as the central publishing system.

There were five new technical blog posts on the eZ Community: Benjamin Choquet, from Heliopsis, wrote an easy-to-understand way to manage forms in eZ Publish 5. Carlos Crevillo wrote blog posts on eZ Find (Solr-based search engine) and a migration to eZ Publish Symfony full-stack. Thiago Campos Viana posted a mini blog post on Using VirtualBox to Install and test eZ Publish 5.


In the latest Hippo Community Update Video CTO Arjé Cahn shares a glimpse at the future of AngularJS within the Hippo CMS stack.

Hippo is holding its major annual event tomorrow. At the Hippo Partner Event in Amsterdam, the team will discuss topics like the Roadmap for 2014 and reveal the Project of the Year 2013.

At noon Eastern Time on March 25, Hippo will hold a webinar, Lining up for CMO and CIO Alignment with Digital Clarity Group Senior Analyst Robert Rose. Rose will look at three things businesses should start doing to align marketing and technology.


The Jahai team is still basking in the success of its first international conference, JahaiOne. The conference was fully booked with 150 customers, developer, partners and analysts from 10 countries.

Major announcements included news about Version 7, which is scheduled for release April 1. The new version is expected to help users develop faster and safer with uninterrupted digital agility.

Jahai also renamed Jahia xCM, the CMS solution, to Digital Factory, and Jahia Wise, the social and collaborative document sharing solution, to Workspace Factory. And its planning to launch a new, fully revamped along with more customers and partners announcements.


Joomla has been downloaded more than 50,376,929 times as of February 25 and there are now at least 7,593 extensions. In addition, the number of government sites using Joomla hit 3,262.

Joomla, as always, has a number of upcoming events:


Magnolia released version 5.2.2, its first "extended maintenance release." The UI is now available in two additional languages (Spanish and Japanese), migration issues have been fixed and additional modules are now ready for Magnolia 5. You can read more about it on the Magnolia dev blog or check the the release notes.

The company also launched the first batch of app design guidelines, intended for developers who want to design "user friendly, beautiful Magnolia 5 apps."

At company headquarters in Basel, Magnolia is preparing for its biggest event of the year, the Magnolia Conference. It'll take place June 24 to 26 in Basel, Switzerland. The call for papers is open, and Early Bird tickets are available until March 31.

Magnolia also has a webinar scheduled for March 20. It'll showcase best practices for migrating from Magnolia 4.4 or 4.5 to 5.


Nuxeo released its latest Fast Track Release, 5.9.2 in February. It includes the following new features:

  • UX enhancements for Nuxeo DAM
  • It’s easier to install and update Nuxeo Drive
  • Nuxeo is now an oAuth 2.0 service provider
  • A private marketplace channel lets users upload their own marketplace packages to Nuxeo Connect, making them visible and available in the Admin Center

It also released Nuxeo Studio 2.17, with a focus on usability enhancements. Updates include quicker loading times, referencing vocabularies in a separate CSV file, MVEL expression validation, syntax highlighting and code suggestion in Studio, documenting automation chains and a number of bug fixes.

You can visit with the Nuxeo team March 12 at the New York Enterprise Technology Meetup, an event it is sponsoring, and March 26 and 27 at Documation 2014 in Paris.