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       Perhaps in response to stories about slow user adoption, Microsoft is letting out a little sales information on Windows 8, which has been out in the wild for a month now. 

Windows on the World

At the Credit Suisse Annual Tech Conference, Microsoft, in the form of Chief Marketing Officer for Windows has announced sales of 40 million licenses in its first month, ZDNet is reporting. She also confirmed that a Pro version for the Surface tablet running Windows 8 Pro will be available in January, perhaps making it more appealing to current Windows users.  

This news should help counter some of the stories bouncing around about the slow uptake of Windows 8, but while there is plenty of hardware and a growing number of apps available for the new OS, there is no news that Microsoft is sharing on those sales, or those of Windows Phone 8 devices. 

Next Xbox To Tie-In Windows 8 Feel?

In the plus column, Microsoft announced 750,000 sales of the Xbox 360 console over the Thanksgiving weekend and rumors are out of a new media- and casual-game-friendly Xbox-lite home device coming out next year.

That might help round out its SmartGlass approach of mixing devices (you can control the current Xbox with a Windows Phone, iPhone or Android app) and help create a wider market for games and apps.


When phones control consoles, where does the power lie?

Not only would that get more Microsoft hardware in the home, ahead of the full-fat Xbox 720 launch in late 2013/early 2014, but could help expand use of Microsoft's tile-based operating system, opening people's minds up to the possibilities of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.