Windows Phone 8 Nokia Devices to be Unveiled 5 September

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 Nokia and Microsoft will bring all their guns to bear on the smartphone market at a special event in New York, with what is effectively their last chance for success in the smartphone market.

Bring the Mobile Noise

After the two-year era of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft and lead partner Nokia will unveil the next generation of Windows Phone 8 operating system and smartphones, ahead of Nokia World, in a couple of weeks time.  

The event in New York City will likely see a range of new devices shown off alongside the new OS. In an almost Apple-like leak, a new panel component showing both Nokia and Windows logos with a 4.3" screen is doing the rounds, suggesting that more screen space will be one of the new features on offer. 

After the preview of Windows Phone 8 by Microsoft back in June, the web has been full of chatter over if and how Microsoft will make a dent in Apple and Android's market share. With around 2% of the current market, Windows Phone partners will be hoping for a immense launch to compete with Apple's own iPhone 5 unveiling likely to take place just a few days later. 

UPDATE: Sources say that Nokia will launch at least two new Lumia phones, code-named "Arrow" and "Phi" at the event, with both running on AT&T with Verizon models to follow. 

Learning Opportunities

Saving the Day

Among Windows Phone 8's supported features are multi-core CPUs, MicroSD cards, 720p HD resolution, NFC and various enterprise integration and security features to appeal to Microsoft's long-standing business customer base. 


But, while Microsoft has a free run-in for Windows 8 desktop's operating system launch, it will have to compete for column inches with Apple's launch, which historically overshadows any other tech events in the vicinity. 

Features like the global marketplace might attract more developers, but it is users Microsoft needs and the phones will need killer features, large numbers of apps in that marketplace and strong price incentives to consider switching from their current phones. All eyes will definitely be on New York on the date to see what the pair can pull out of the hat.