Woodwing Enterprise 9 Released with Updated Interface

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Learning Opportunities

Woodwing Enterprise 9, a digital publishing system, has been released, and it features a rearchitected CMS integration and upgraded interface.

Multi Channel Publishing

There's no point in creating digital content in 2013 if it can't be easily distributed across social, mobile and Web channels, and that continues to be the Woodwing focus with this latest release. Enterprise 8 and subsequent 8.1 update focused on tighter integration with Adobe products specifically (InDesign and InCopy). Version 9 features tighter integration with social media channels, and a rearchitected plug in for adding even more channels.

An added app called Publish Manager in Woodwing's Content Station gives an overview of the publishing status across channels. This overall theme of multi channel publishing has been Woodwing's focus for many years now, and with this release, we've learned that when the company first rolled out this strategy five years ago, some of its customers apparently didn't really get the whole concept.

Woodwing separates publishing in its system into three sections; the client application, in this case Content Station, the application server and a database/storage layer. Content Station is where content is created, and it lives in what the company calls a dossier, a folder containing everything associated with a story or article.

Breaking out content creation in this way has allowed Woodwing customers to take total control of editorial workflows, Erik Schut, president of Woodwing Software said in a statement.

Updated Interface

Often times when a vendor releases a product interface update, it's a minor revision with some button moved or taken out altogether, but this is not one of those releases. Woodwing's update allows editors to see channel specific views with all content and metadata for that channel whenever they wish. This content can then be shared, and it's possible to create separate workflows per channel within a dossier (folder).

For large publishing operations, these moves are all about reducing time to deployment all while allowing for maximum administrative control. This is always a challenge in a worker intensive environment. With multiple editors or content creators in one article or story, this control becomes even more important. It's no wonder then Woodwing has such a tight focus on publishers.

There's often lots of moving parts, and coordinating it all and enabling workflows with pinpoint control is hard to do. Woodwing offers it at a high level, and sells its tools through publishing partners around the world.