WordPress 3.5 has been remade to be Retina ready for the iPad, and long sought after media editing tools have been added as well.

Codenamed Elvin in honor of Elvin Jones, John Coltrane's drummer, WordPress 3.5 is a bit more stylish because of its default theme Twenty Twelve and its Open Sans typeface. It's a mobile first design, so it should be more responsive, and is highly detailed because of the Retina ready design.

Anytime media needs to be added to a page, it all starts with an Add Media button just above the editing tools. Photos can be dragged and dropped in groups, and reorganizing galleries works the same way. That makes it more intuitive and faster. Multiple galleries in a single post has also been enabled.

Photos + Welcome Page

Metadata can be added whenever needed, not just upon uploading, and the dashboard itself has even been streamlined.


Drag and dropping media by group is a good time saver.

The dashboard now has a welcome screen that is task focused, and this is especially helpful for new WordPress users. Upon opening the dashboard, it's easier to jump right into some of the most used features that newbies would most likely be looking for. The overall look of the dashboard is a bit more refined as well, so it's not just the finished website pages that will look more polished. 


Set up a blog or website in short order with common tools available at the top of the Welcome page.

Retina Ready + Developer Tools

WordPress.org usernames can now be used on the plugins page, and this will make it easier to see favorite tagged ones. It will also speed up installing them on a new site. Additionally, there is a new Tumblr importer, and new installs don't show the links manager anymore. 

While the WordPress team is calling this version Retina ready, it's really just meant to look much crisper on any high resolution device, not just iPads.


Crisper lines means easier to read websites on mobile devices.

As with any new release, there are a score of other small changes like increasing the default memory limit from 32 megabytes to 40 megabytes. An oEmbed codex has been added for SoundCloud, Slideshare and Instagram content. 

This looks like a great update by WordPress, and because it is still so popular after all these years, no doubt it will continue to pick up new fans. Tell us if you have updated yet or if you plan to build anything with Elvin.