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Only a few days after killing off ten mobile apps, Yahoo unveiled an Apps search tab.

On the Search

Do we need another way to search for mobile apps? Yahoo thinks so. The new Apps search tab is snuggled in among other tabs, including Images and Shopping. You can search for device-specific apps or filter by price or category.


Yahoo built it, but will anyone come? The comments posted on the Engadget story over the weekend indicate a collective yawn from the community, with one commenter asking, "Why should I use Yahoo [to] search for apps?" iPhone and Android users already have easy access to apps in the respective markets available on their mobile devices.

Yahoo, or Yawnhoo?

Yahoo has been struggling recently, with speculations about their future late last year after CEO Carol Bartz was canned. Instead of being acquired, however, Yahoo made an acquisition of its own in the form of former president of PayPal, Scott Thompson, who joined the company last month.

On January 30, 2012, Nolan Caudill, former Senior Software Engineer at Flickr (which is owned by Yahoo), wrote on his blog:

So, Yahoo messed up today. They've messed up other days, too, but this was an especially red-letter day amongst other red-letter days, and this is one that has me ticked off.

For reasons I don't know, Yahoo laid off the highest level of Flickr's customer support, the people that end up filing bugs against the developers and helping the trickier cases get solved for the members. Those guys getting shown the door is as bad as it sounds."

He ended his blog post with, "Flickr-the-site will be fine but Flickr-the-culture took a huge hit today and those suits in Sunnyvale balancing some column or doing their thousandth 're-org' are completely to blame. I bet they don't even know what they've done and that's probably the worst part of the whole thing."

Does Yahoo know what they've done or what they are doing? Will this new app search feature draw traffic to the struggling search engine? Or is the company just throwing new ideas out there, hoping something eventually sticks?