bBrightcove Opens South Korea Headquarters
Brightcove (newssite) has recently announced the launch of its country office in Seoul, South Korea, capitalizing on the existing infrastructure and the potential market for video-on-demand services. The company has also announced the addition of several key clients from different industries that include online advertising, design and pharmaceuticals.

Monetize with Advertising, Analytics

Brightcove’s cloud-based video platform entails on-demand software meant for publication, distribution and monetization of video over the Web. Brightcove’s clients use the service for a wide range of applications, such as video content management, branded video players, social network distribution, mobile video content and TV-top appliances. The service allows clients to effectively monetize their content by integrating advertising and analytics in their videos.

Brightcove president and COO, David Mendels, recognizes South Korea’s leadership position in the region in terms of broadband penetration and its online advertising industry. “[We] look forward to helping media businesses and marketers across the country take advantage of the enormous opportunity online video represents for reaching consumers and driving business value,” he adds.

James Yoon, formerly of 24/7 Real Media’s Korea office, has been appointed as the Brightcove country office’s regional sales director. The cloud-based video-platform has also announced the addition of new Korean customers in its portfolio, including Autodesk Korea, Cheil Worldwide, Overture Korea and Procter & Gamble Korea.

Learning Opportunities

Ideal for Video Services

South Korea is a country known for its extensive wired and wireless broadband penetration, often considered the bandwidth capital of the world. The country is consistently the top, or among the top, countries in terms of broadband penetration and broadband speeds. Korean cities top the world’s consumer broadband speeds at 38.0 Mbps, with a nationwide average of 16.6 Mbps. Korean citizens enjoy an almost 100% broadband penetration rate, with 93% enjoying greater than 2 Mbps speeds and 73% with greater than 5 Mbps.

Meanwhile, mobile video consumption is also poised for growth, as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices take the lead as mediums of accessing video content. Shane Park, Cheil Worldwide i-division head, believes that “Brightcove’s innovative online video platform enables [companies] to easily integrate these emerging mobile channels into marketing initiatives for a range of clients.”

South Korea’s solid broadband infrastructure makes it an ideal area for expansion, particularly for a video-on-demand service like Brightcove. Apart from South Korea, the company also has other offices in the Asia Pacific region: one in Japan and another in Australia.