Toronto-based North Plains, LLC, announced an iPad app for the company's TeleScope, claiming it is the first digital asset management solution to market with a long-term mobile strategy. The new app brings tablets into the media workflow process, supporting the management of end-to-end digital asset lifecycle.  The company promises this will radically change the enterprise DAM landscape, and the iPad is just the beginning.

“By committing to a comprehensive mobile DAM strategy, we have untethered an enterprise-class software DAM solution from the data center and put it in the hands of our users ” said Arun Chandra, CEO, North Plains. “Many of the people essential to our customers’ media workflow are not with their computers or in their office a lot of the time, making a mobile DAM strategy essential. An intuitive iPad interface is just the first step in our journey to make the North Plains DAM solutions available anywhere, anytime to our valued clients.”

Based on User Group Input

North Plains said both its customer advisory panel and user group show the need to go in this direction, with the growing use of both iPads and other mobile devices in content creation and delivery going forward.  

With more review, approval and collaboration with customers and distributors, happening in the field, meeting rooms, trade shows and on sales calls, outside the office, It became clear that an iPad application would enable them to engage more of their team in more business environments, speeding delivery, review and approval processes.

Digital media-centric processes better suited to mobile workflows include:

  • sales consultations
  • on-location tagging of metadata
  • customer support
  • field servicing of products
  • delivery of the latest data to information dependent professionals, (including executives, doctors, sales teams, and service groups)


North Plains claims its TeleScope iPad app migrates these processes to mobile users, allowing them to use the same images, photos and videos on the tablet device.

Because a big portion of their review, approval, and collaboration processes with customers, distributors and other groups happen outside of the office, it became clear that an iPad application would enable users to engage more of their team where they work. This helps speed the process of delivery, review and approval. 

In June, North Plains upgraded the TeleScope software v.9.0 with new features that included smart catalogs, user defined portlets, thread notes, image mark-up and quick drops, a drag-and-drop with auto file conversion and distributed workflows.