The DAM Lowdown is back with: Henry Stewart Publications Calls for Articles, The Real Story Group Updates Its DAM/MAM Report, Amazon Announces Server-Side S3 REST Encryption, DAM Best Practices Everywhere, Google Adds Native Client to Chrome Beta, DAM Stew and the Return of the Twitter Shout-out of the Week.

Henry Stewart Publications Calls for Articles

Along with putting on DAM events all over the world, the people at Henry Stewart also manage a set of quarterly publications. The newest addition to the lineup is of particular interest to DAM enthusiasts and readers of this column: Journal of Digital Media Management.

The new "peer-reviewed, professional journal for all those involved in the capture, storage and effective application of digital media assets" is set to launch in the Spring of 2012. Are you interested in contributing? If so, the copy deadline for articles is December 12, 2011.

The "Call for Articles" section of the publication website offers not only a long list of topics, it also provides a list of "Article Titles in Search of Authors."  In other words, if you write about DAM and want to get into a professional publication, you don't have an excuse not to contribute.

To those who have submitted articles or are planning to submit a piece, I salute you.

The Real Story Group Updates Its DAM/MAM Report

Our friends at The Real Story Group released version 4.0 of its Digital & Media Asset Management Report. The major research update includes:

  • Adobe Scene7 -- a SaaS based platform for web cataloging and print production
  • Avid Interplay Media Asset Management & Production Suite Moves to HTML5
  • Updates from DAM Lowdown regulars: North Plains, Widen and Extensis
  • Coverage of Content Delivery Networks and Online Video Platforms
  • The Microsoft SharePoint Ecosystem and Its Limits in DAM Scenarios

Amazon Announces Server-Side S3 REST Encryption

Amazon's announcement of the addition of a "Server-Side Encryption" module for users of the S3 storage product may not seem like it belongs in a column about digital asset management, but bear with me.

Server-side encryption means that storing sensitive data within S3 is not nearly as big of a deal as it was previously. Furthermore, server-side encryption coupled with the availability of versioning within S3 means that an enterprising DAM developer has two key building blocks at the tips of his or her fingers.

Should established ECM and DAM vendors be worried? Probably not yet. However, not having to worry about implementing an encryption scheme and a versioning algorithm means that developers can spend more time on innovation. I would say this is an area to keep an eye on.

DAM Best Practices Everywhere

Daydream on Procurement

DAM platform vendor and consultant Daydream offer a new whitepaper entitled: "DAM System Reviews: A Buyer's Guide to Procurement Best Practices." The paper is intended for IT managers who have to choose from the myriad available DAM platforms.

The report covers the following questions and topics:

  • Who are the end users?
  • What do they really want?
  • What is the business case?
  • What will the impact on the business be?
  • Who are the candidate vendors?
  • User training
  • How should we manage the selection process?
  • Once we have decided on a vendor, how should we proceed?

DAM Learning Center on Video

Edward Smith, writing at the DAM Learning Center -- sponsored by DAM vendor Extensis -- offers his own "Best Practices for Video in Digital Asset Management." The piece starts with an overview of video terminology and then adds recommendations for how to bring video into your DAM.

The article covers the following best practices:

  • Standardize on an Accessible Format
  • Use Proxy Clips
  • Understand Cataloging and Processing Time
  • Understand Storage Needs
  • Understand Bandwidth Needs
  • Embed Video Metadata

Google Adds Native Client to Chrome Beta

"Native Client," as explained on the Google Chrome Blog, is a C/C++ engine that has been built into the Chrome browser and is executed via security settings similar to Javascript. Much like the discussion about Amazon S3 above, this update to Chrome doesn't mean much today but could have a significant impact on the future.

The current generation of digital asset management systems depend on AJAX and Flash for their web interfaces. Let's be honest -- as advanced as AJAX techniques and Flash have become, they still leave a lot to be desired when compared to native apps.

The availability of a C/C++ engine within the browser could open up new avenues of web application development while also giving thousands of developers a reason to dust off their C and C++ skills.

DAM Stew

Createasphere Offers a DAM Roadmap

Claiming to offer "the secrets of a successful DAM implementation," Createasphere unveils the "Digital Asset Management Road Map."

Webinar Stew

First, WebDAM Solutions presents "User Adoption: Engaging your team with a communication plan." Be sure to hurry because it starts today (10/13) at 10 am PST.

Next, Canto offers a webinar just for German-speaking readers entitled: "Getting Started with DAM."

Henrik de Gyor Stew

De Gyor starts with a blog post discussing the maturity of DAM and other ECM solutions and finishes with a podcast featuring Jeff Sedlik.

Twitter Shout-out of the Week

@Jason_Jasura -- Not only does Jasura have an awesome first name, he also has a pretty cool blog where he writes about Web Marketing and Digital Persuasion. Thanks for the support, Jason!

As always, thanks for your time and attention. I will see you next week.