DAM Lowdown: Buying Guide, Software Reviews, Outsourcing

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We round up a DAM buying guide, an open source DAM software review, product announcements and look at evaluating your DAM needs and some outsource considerations.

DAM Buying Guide

Choosing the right DAM solution can be tricky, but this buying guide might help you decide which one is right for your organization. Before making the purchase, determine what types of files you need to manage, for example, and how your users will gain access to the assets.

Elvis DAM 2.6 Released

In addition to performance enhancements and an integrated Adobe Reader, Elvis DAM 2.6 includes a new desktop client framework. Bundled plugins include a photo usage report and contact sheet.

Open Source DAM Software Review

Open Source Digital Asset Management reviewed 15 open-source DAM solutions:

Learning Opportunities

Does Your Organization Even Need DAM?

Does every organization with a website need DAM? Jonathan Gourlay lays out some things to consider before your organization invests in a DAM solution. Or, if you don't need DAM yet, you can still plan for the future.

Xinet Unveils WebNative Suite 17

Xinet finally rolled out WebNative Suite 17, which includes a bunch of new features and an updated interface. WebNative Suite 16 came out way back in 2009.

About Outsourcing

In part one of a four-part series, Rob Corrao, Chief Operating Officer of LAC Group, looks at four categories into which the commonly outsourced activities fall. In part 2, Carrao discusses hiring and contracting options for adding the right Digital Asset Manager to your organization.