The DAM Lowdown needed two extra days to compile all the news from a busy week in the digital asset management world. This week we have: Createasphere Returns to New York, Extensis Unveils Portfolio Server 10, DPCI Releases EMBridge Module for Drupal, MediaValet Displayed at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Altus365 Launches Cloud-based Searchable Rich Media Platform, Knoodle Upgrades Its Social Learning Platform, Quick Hits and the Twitter Shoutout of the Week.

Createasphere Returns to New York

Mark your calendars for September 23 and 24 as Createasphere hosts the second annual Digital Asset Management Conference and Exposition in Manhattan. The event follows the Entertainment Technology Expo on September 21 and 22, and features two tracks:

  1. Specialist -- designed for those already working with digital assets who want to deepen their skills
  2. Leadership and Management -- for business leaders who face the challenge of developing effective Digital Asset strategies

Across those tracks, you will see presentations from speakers such as:

  • Sarah Berndt, NASA
  • Henrik de Goyer, K4
  • Dan McGraw, Seven Dials Media
  • Barbara Taranto, NYPL Digital Gallery
  • Alex Grossman, Active Storage
  • Paul Kontonis, Digitas

Don't forget the highlight of the conference, the DAMMY awards. Vendors and products are recognized across multiple categories with everyone vying for the prestigious "DAMMY of the Year."

Extensis Unveils Portfolio Server 10

The latest version of Portfolio Server, the DAM platform from Extensis (news, site), includes iPad and HD video capabilities. Improved iPad support comes from NetPublish Tablet Template -- a new feature that enables searching, previewing, playing and downloading digital media from the iPad.

New HD video features are enabled by NetMediaMAX HD, which will convert video for the web and mobile devices. Administration and access by users is improved with Active Directory integration.

Extensis Portfolio Server 10

Extensis Portfolio Server 10

Portfolio Server 10 is available now and starts at an estimated retail price of US$ 1,999. The platform is available in English, French, German and Japanese.

DPCI Releases EMBridge Module for Drupal

Drupal (news, site) continues to emerge as a legitimate competitor in the enterprise web content management space. This time it's not what Drupal (or Acquia) did, but what a partner did in creating a module to extend Drupal's image management functionality to connect to EnterMedia.

EnterMedia is an open source digital asset management platform that supports uploading and managing assets such as images, video, audio and interactive object files and their associated metadata.

There is good news and bad news here. The bad news is that the EMBridge module only connects Drupal to one DAM system. The good news is that this could open a door and create a pattern for other DAM specialists to create similar integrations. I am interested to see how this progresses.

The EMBridge module currently supports Drupal version 6 and EnterMedia Software version 7.5. DPCI pledges to have EMBridge Drupal 7-ready by summer, 2011.

Altus365 Launches Cloud-based Searchable Media Platform

Our own Barb Mosher wrote this week about the release of Altus365's new cloud-based offering. Altus vSearchCloud offers a suite of services accessible via standard web protocols that can be used by organizations to consume rich media assets within their websites and web applications.

Altus vSearchCloud Platform

Altus vSearchCloud Platform

Knoodle Upgrades Its Social Learning Platform

Marisa Peacock wrote this week about the enhancements to Knoodle's learning management system (LMS). People sometimes overlook the fact that digital asset management is key to a successful LMS because of the nature of learning management systems.

One of Knoodle's strengths is its ability to create and manage presentations:

Knoodle Presentation Creation

Knoodle Presentation Creation

Quick Hits

Ingram's CoreSource Chosen by the Association of Canadian Publishers

The Association of Canadian Publishers has selected Ingram's CoreSource DAM platform to distribute and manage content globally.

Third Light Focuses on User With New DAM Solution

With version 6.0 of its Intelligent Media Server (IMS), Third Light targets the needs of business users with a simplified UI for search and retrieval of assets.

KIT Digital Brings HD to the Phillipines

DAM Lowdown regular, KIT Digital, has been selected by TV5 -- one of the Phillipines' major broadcast networks -- to provide integrated digital and HD broadcasting.

How DAM Fits Into the Enterprise Marketing Technology Landscape

Our friends at have partnered with Widen (news, site) and journalist Mark Davey of the DAM Foundation to release a new whitepaper: How DAM Fits into the Enterprise Marketing Technology Landscape.

Presentation: How DAM Systems Work

Vito Vitomy, a creator of online video platforms for small businesses, has shared a presentation online titled: How DAM Systems Work.

5 Ways to Make Search Better in DAM

Another usual suspect of the DAM Lowdown, WebDAM Solutions, has published an article on the Top 5 Ways to Improve Search in Your Digital Asset Management System.

Widen DAM Product Gets a New UI

See for yourself:


Twitter Shoutout of the Week

@paulcbrady -- Paul Brady, to his friends and family, is a Massachusetts-based writer and trainer focused on Linux, CMS and Collaborative Authoring. Thanks for the retweet, Paul!

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