DAM Lowdown: Celum News, KIT Digital News, More WCM/DAM Convergence, Quick Hits

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The Memorial Day holiday here in the States stretched into a week for the DAM Lowdown, but have no fear. We are back with: Two News Items Apiece for DAM Lowdown Regulars celum and KIT Digital, an Update to the DAM Vendor Tracking Spreadsheet, an Introduction to XMP, the Lines Between WCM and DAM Continue to Blur and Quick Hits.

Celum News

SYNERGY = Rich Enterprise Content Management

At this May's celum Summit, celum (news, site) gave conference attendees a sneak peak at what celum CEO Michael J. Kraeftner calls "the revolution in digital asset management." With all hyperbole aside, the product -- codenamed "stingray" -- spent three years in research and development.

What does "rich enterprise content management" look like? Try these:


celum SYNERGY Start Screen


celum SYNERGY Main Detail Screen

Want more information?

celum Partners with ARITHNEA

ARITHNEA (news, site), the German IT service provider, was looking to add digital asset management to its integration toolbox. The desire to partner with an established software vendor led them to celum.

With this partnership, ARITHNEA gets a relationship with a strong DAM provider and celum gets to expand its footprint in Europe.

Update to the DAM Vendor Technical Spreadsheet Project

Have you ever wondered if there is a list of every available DAM product and the associated technical specifications? Leala Abbott had the same question and, not finding an answer, she launched a collaborative effort to track every DAM product.

The information is maintained in a Google spreadsheet and her team of collaborators has grown to more than 70 people. The following data elements are tracked for each DAM vendor:

  • Vendor
  • URL
  • Products Offered
  • Proprietary or Open Source
  • Solutions Offered: Installed, Hosted, SaaS
  • Technical Specs: Server (Database)
  • Technical Specs: Server (APP/Webserver)
  • Technical Specs: Code Base (back-end)
  • Technical Specs: Code Base (UI)
  • Technical Specs: OS (Server)
  • Technical Specs: OS (Client)
  • Technical Specs: API (Software)
  • Technical Specs: API (Webservice)
  • Technical Specs: Search Engine
  • Metadata Handling: XMP
  • Who’s Using It: non-profits, museums and organizations
  • Who’s Using It: corporate and for-profit enterprises

The fact that this information is available for free is amazing to me. If you want access, all you have to do is go to the spreadsheet and request access.

What is XMP? Why Should I Care?

XMP, or Extensible Metadata Platform, is a labelling technology that allows users to embed metadata about a file into the file itself. Created by Adobe, the goal of XMP is to standardize and simplify the practice of embedding metadata within files.

Why are we talking about XMP now? The reason is that Adobe has done a very un-Adobe thing and turned XMP over to become an international standard:  ISO-16684-1, to be exact.

Kas Thomas, a former CMS analyst and now Technology Evangelist at Adobe, writes on his personal blog that he expects XMP to follow a similar arc of formats as RSS and ATOM. While I am not sure if XMP will have the same impact on information consumption that RSS has had, the impact of standardizing metadata management across platforms could be enormous.

Continued Convergence of WCM, DAM

Beth Stackpole, writing at Techtarget.com, continues to add fuel to the argument that WCM and DAM are converging into a new content management platform. Stackpole's piece does an excellent job of combining input from both a system integrator and a leading industry analyst to support her premise.

Learning Opportunities

The premise is that there will likely always be a market for dedicated digital asset management products. However, the existing web content management platforms will continue to add DAM functionality as users require it.

KIT Digital News

KIT Digital to Present at the Needham Internet & Digital Media Conference

For those of you planning to attend the Internet & Digital Media conference, purveyed by Needham and Company, on June 7, make sure you get there early to hear Kaleil Isaza Tuzman present. Tuzman, CEO of KIT Digital (news, site), will discuss how all the recent acquisitions are being integrated and what the rest of 2011 looks like.

KIT Digital Selected by Voice of America to Power VOA Direct

Voice of America (VOA) will partner with KIT Digital to create VOA Direct. VOA Direct is an online media content distribution hub for VOA's network of 1400 radio and TV affiliates across more than 38 countries.

The partnership will give VOA a platform to automate syndication and delivery of media assets including video, audio and still images.

Quick Hits 

O'Reilly Chooses CoreSource for DAM

The well-known technical book peddler O'Reilly selects the CoreSource platform from Ingram Content Group. The goal is for CoreSource to help O'Reilly improve its day-to-day operation of digital distribution.

NetXposure Integrates with Amazon S3

After Amazon's recent issues, this partnership may not be quite as attractive as it once was. But, there is no doubt that some long-standing users of Amazon's S3 service will be interested in leveraging both NetXposure's DAM platform and an existing investment in S3.

Quark Partners with the Perseus Book Group for Digital Publishing

The Perseus Book Group will use Quark's dynamic publishing platform, recently upgraded to version 9, to power its popular Constellation service.

SeeFile Releases Version 5.0

Using the moniker "DAM Done Light,"  SeeFile (news, site) revs its long-standing web-based digital asset management system to offer a new HTML 5-powered user interface.


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