The DAM Lowdown returns with CMSWire's very own Edward Smith, five myths about taxonomy and SharePoint, yet another update from Widen, a little bit of DAM Stew and more. 

DAM as a Bridge Between Internal Groups

Our own Edward Smith writes this week about how the traditional gatekeeper of DAM within most organizations -- the Marketing Communications group, e.g. MarCom -- can help the overall company by sharing the wealth with the Sales department.

Specifically, Mr. Smith offers the following ideas for how MarCom can use DAM to allow "some direct access while maintaining control over the catalog and branding":

  • Offer a Self-Service Web Portal
  • Leverage Automation
  • Ensure the Correct Format
  • Enable Access to People in the Field

Five Myths about Taxonomy and SharePoint

Jeff Carr, a Senior Information Architect and Search Consultant at Earley & Associates, posts a piece attempting to debunk 5 myths about the relationship of taxonomy to SharePoint. The myths are as follows and I encourage you to read the full piece to get the actual reality:

  1. SharePoint now has taxonomy management.
  2. Taxonomy is used as metadata and metadata is an IT problem. Therefore, taxonomy is best left to the project's technical resources.
  3. Librarians are the best people to handle SharePoint taxonomies.
  4. SharePoint taxonomies need to be comprehensive and finely grained.
  5. Taxonomies managed in the term store can be used everywhere in the SharePoint application.

More Updates from Widen

If it seems like Widen gets an unfair amount of coverage in this column, my response is that the other major players in the DAM space need to increase their presence. If you create it, I will do my best to cover it.

The Widen Collective DAM System Gets a New Look and New Features

Widen's flagship DAM product -- Widen Media Collective -- gets a facelift and some new functionality to go along with it. The new features are below along with a video unveiling the new UI:

  • Search within and faceted searching allowing for a powerful refine search
  • Revised search results display which loads the previews as you scroll and Quick View
  • All new concept of the Selection Panel to work with assets and replacing the “shopping cart”
  • Addition of personal & global collections—a feature for grouping and sharing similar to Lightboxes
  • HD video previews to go along with the on-demand transcoding and embed links

Improve Workflows by Expanding the DAM User Base

Jake Athey, writing at Widen's Marketing 2.0 blog, offers 3 tips for how to expand the usage of your DAM Platform across your organization:

  1. Start by looking for problems that can be solved by the DAM system.
  2. A single system can have diverse benefits.
  3. Demonstrate the value of the DAM system up the chain of command.

DAM Stew

Irina Guseva Weighs In On Adobe Scene7 and CQ DAM

Irina Guseva, Analyst with The Real Story Group, asks the question: Is the relationship between Adobe Scene7 and CQ DAM a happy marriage or a sibling rivalry?

Extensis Seminars in Australia

Do you want to learn about Extensis? Can you be in Australia in early November? Then, check out these seminars.

How To Explain What You Do For a Living

In the latest edition of Another DAM Podcast, Henrik de Gyor answers the question: How do I explain what I do for a living with DAM?

DAM Resources for Photographers

First we have some software -- Stockboxphoto is a photo gallery application suite that offers standard, professional, and enterprise editions.

Next, we have a new book from Amphoto Books entitled -- "The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers".