This week in the DAM lowdown: printers are providing DAM solutions for clients, Adobe's VP of Enterprise Marketing explains the company's fresh focus, tips on how to leverage your assets to grow your audience and a case study relating one company's quest to find the right DAM solution.

DAM in the Cloud

What does digital asset management have to do with web-to-print storefronts? Nolan Giles explains how printers can function as a cloud and host files remotely for clients. "As well as giving customers a nice and easy way to order print via their web browser, a DAM approach avoids the client having to upload bandwidth-choking files, such as images, by letting the printer look after them," Giles explains. "DAM has opened up a lucrative value-added service for print salespeople to offer clients."

Conversation with Adobe's VP of Enterprise Marketing

Kevin Cochrane, Adobe's VP of Enterprise Marketing, talks to CMSWire about how Adobe is reorganizing and focusing on the entire customer experience. Cochrane says that his company sees Enterprise Digital Media as a key focus this year, and discusses how Adobe is rethinking the whole marketing process.

ADAM SharePoint Connector 3.0

ADAM Software unveiled SharePoint Connector 3.0, which allows users to access ADAM-stored assets from SharePoint 2010. "SharePoint 2010 users who need to access marketing-style, complex file types -- high-resolution graphics, video flavors, Adobe® Creative Suite documents, Flash, print-ready PDFs, 3D, etc. -- stored in ADAM, can now do so directly from their common work environment," the announcement says.

Grow Your Audience

Do you need some help leveraging your digital assets to grow your audience? Terry Van Horne offers some tips for optimizing your content and honing your marketing strategy.

Symantec Case Study

In this case study, DPCI explains how the company helped Symantec define its requirements for a DAM solution and then find the right vendor for the job. "After initial onsite interviews with management and stakeholder groups, DPCI quickly identified that Symantec was working on two separate but interrelated initiatives at the same time," the report says. "One was a digital asset management strategy and the second was a marketing resource management selection process." Ultimately, Symantec chose the Aprimo marketing resource management system.