TeleScope improves mobile access to digital media, what SOPA and PIPA have to do with DAM and new financing for the Gobbler startup.

TeleScope 9.0.1

North Plains announced the release of TeleScope 9.0.1, a solution that allows broader adoption of DAM across companies through new mobile and portal interfaces. Version 9 rolled out last June, with a new HTML 5 user interface, a new visual workflow engine and new language displays support.

The latest TeleScope release offers a new TeleScope for iPad app and secure mobile access to digital media, a QuickFind interface for fast search results, support for Oracle 11g, QuarkXPress 8.5 and 9.1 certifications and a new preferences management approach.

SOPA, PIPA Explained

Last week, Wikipedia and other major sites briefly blacked out in protest of SOPA and PIPA legislation proposals. The DAM Show site offers a crash course explanation of the issues:

The bill seeks to let the government create a naughty list. If you are on the naughty list, or if you link to content hosted by someone on the naughty list, then your whole website can be shut down."

The DAMNews site links to that article and goes on to add further context, explaining:

Closer to our own industry, this poses a potential problem for SaaS DAM vendors (or any vendor who hosts a DAM system on behalf of their customer at their own facility). As explained in Peter Krogh’s article, the legislation uses DNS to blacklist sites. For some SaaS implementations this could pose a considerable problem since one report (legitimate or otherwise) could potentially take the entire facility offline, including those customers who were nothing to do with the original report."

Gobbler Gets Grub

Gobbler raised US$ 1.75 million in additional financing, according to a recent TechCrunch report. The Gobbler file backup and organization software caters to the media industry. As TechCrunch explained last March, Gobbler is desktop software that keeps your media projects organized and backed up in the cloud, and the service also lets people collaborate on projects more easily.