DAM Lowdown: Upcoming Events, Duties of a DAM Administrator, DAM Stew

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The DAM Lowdown returns with: The duties of a DAM Administrator, Upcoming Events, Introduction to Matroska and DAM Stew.

What Should a DAM Administrator Do?

If you are in the process of implementing a digital asset management system, you will need someone to administer said system once it is up and running. In an attempt to help you prepare to fill this role, Nichola Jimenez writes on the Widen blog about the typical duties of a DAM administrator.

The duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify and train asset creators and curators
  • Create and enforce user roles and permissions
  • Track performance and gather user feedback
  • Work closely with outside agencies to ensure consistency


Createasphere's Digital Asset Management Conference -- Europe

Createasphere brings its latest DAM conference to The Hague, Netherlands on November 8 and 9. The conference focuses on entertainment and media and features keynote addresses from:

  • Ed Lantz, President and CTO of Vortex Immersion Media
  • Dieter Reichert, Co-founder of censhare AG

Henry Stewart Events DAM LA 2011

The Henry Stewart Events crew returns to sunny Los Angeles on November 14 and 15 to host DAM LA 2011 subtitled: "The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media Assets." If you are wondering why you might attend, see the video below:

What is Matroska?

From Naresh Sarwan at digitalassetmanagementnews.org by way of David Riecks' Controlled Vocabulary site comes a new open standard container format for multimedia files. The format in question is called Matroska and it "aims to become THE standard of multimedia container formats."

The new container format includes the following features along with an LGPL license:

Learning Opportunities

  • Fast seeking in the file
  • Chapter entries
  • Full metadata (tags) support
  • Selectable subtitle/audio/video streams
  • Modularly expandable
  • Error resilience (can recover playback even when the stream is damaged)
  • Streamable over the internet and local networks (HTTP, CIFS, FTP, etc.)
  • Menus (like DVDs have)

DAM Stew

Guide to Encoding and Transcoding Products

Tony Klejna,writing at onlinevideo.net, offers a buyer's guide to encoding andtranscoding products. The list is separated into hardwaresolutions, software solutions and cloud/hybrid solutions. One key omission is any mention of free and open source transcoders.

The Future of Media Advertising

The year 2020 is only eight years away, but Matt Straz writes at mediapost.com that those 8 years could harbor big changes for media advertising.

DAM is Not Just for Technology and Media Companies

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) breaks the DAM stereotype with its implementation of Canto Cumulus for digital asset management.

Canto Names New General Manager for the US

Speaking of Canto Cumulus, Silicon Valley veteran Kathleen Gilligan joins Canto to head the company's US-based operations.

VYRE Launches SaaS On Brand Solution

Realizing that the Unify platform may be too big for most organizations, VYRE responds with the launch of a SaaS brand asset management (BAM) solution named On Brand.

As always, thanks for your time and attention. I will see you next week.