Granicus Furthers Government Transparency with Partner Program and Open Platform API

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With increased government transparency in mind Granicus (news, site) has launched a new Open Platform API and Certified Partner Network.


The Granicus vision of an open government  is simple: provide a software-as-a-service solution that helps small and large governments manage content and deliver rich media to citizens:

Granicus Media Distribution Diagram

The mission continues via two new offerings:

Granicus Open Platform API 

The Granicus Open Platform API and SDK enable customers and developers to connect their existing IT infrastructure and integrate enterprise systems with Granicus in order to share data across systems. Granicus's examples of real-world uses include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Building in-house solutions that leverage Granicus technologies
  • Integrating existing off-the-shelf Agenda Management solutions
  • Developing custom-built vote result tracking systems
  • Creating mobile and social applications for your constituents

Developers can use the SDK to create custom integrations with the Open Platform, allowing organizations to use the optimal parts of each system. 

Granicus Partner Network

The Granicus Certified Partner Program is a network for companies that have excelled in areas such as customer success, experience and expertise (Laserfiche, Questys Solutions and Daystar Computer Systems included). Combining forces with Granicus enables governments to capture and manage legislative information, and tightly integrates gov. records into a digital public space accessible by staff and citizens online anytime, anywhere.

“Our API and Certified Partner Network helps Granicus solve unique business problems with unique solutions. Our goal is to allow agencies to take advantage of technology that best fits their needs, without forcing them into a one-size-fits-all solution,” said Jay Kilian, Granicus API Manager. “Today, governments need automated workflows to move seamlessly between multiple applications to be more effective in their jobs. Our Certified Partner Network offers integrations government can trust.”

Learn more about how to join the effort here.