Granicus (news, site) boosts its presence in the governmental cloud with the snappy purchase of a company that shares its vision of open government.

Webcasting From Capitol Hill

We covered Granicus' mission to bring government to the masses and citizen participation back in May and things have moved on rapidly since then. This week Granicus picked up private firm that specialises in streaming services. played host to some 60 government clients that now move onto Granicus' roster, bringing it up to over the 750 mark. Some of these clients include big hitters like the New York Department of Labor, Department of Transportation and the New York Power Authority.

On A Mission

Granicus' aim is to help bring government and the population together via its Open Platform service. This allows government offices, federal, state and local, to work in a more open manner and the people can get involved, be better informed and aware of decisions that affect them.

On the technical side, the purchase allows improved audience measurement, searchability, indexing, mobile support and other benefits to users. With some 25 million webcasts streamed online in the past decade, Granicus is positioned to ride any boom in transparency.

Operational transfer has already been running for a couple of months with customers moving over to Grancius systems and with no increase in pricing. Customers will be able to make changes to their portals and front pages using Granicus' own features.

A New Direction

Granicus bolstered its board of directors up to five members last week with the addition of Wendy Beecham, CEO of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives and Gary Read, CEO of Nimsoft. This after achieving record sales in July, clearly mark it as a company on the up.

With people often unable to attend local official meetings, or many of these crammed into small meeting houses, making them available over the Web is a key area of growth that could see Granicus and other companies with a government openness initiative -- like Spigit and BrightIdea -- profit.