As MediaCore (news, site) nears full release, the system has had a hefty refresh and added new features to round out the offering.

Is Media at the Core of Your Biz?

The latest version of MediaCore has had a speed boost, a lick of paint and social media support to flesh out the bones of this media-friendly CMS. Designed to help users or companies distribute and manage their video content, it is almost ready for prime time, but well worth a look in its pre-launch state. 

The Python/MySQL-server-based system has been redesigned with a switch from JavaScript to Google Closure to do page loads around a third faster. Sites can now do integrated video encoding via PandaStream while coders can add their own plug-ins to expand the architecture. There is also support for over 35 different languages to offer content globally.

MediaCore's interface has had a makeover

The Feature Presentation

HTML 5 support has been added for mobile devices while RMTP streaming is also an option. Ad-support now allows pages to have banners and sidebars to generate revenue while videos can have SEO information tagged into them.

Learning Opportunities

Joining in the pop revolution, MediaCore can now have its player run as a popped-out window, while admins can set themes to customize the look of a site. With its links to other sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion and others, it can handle content from a multiude of sources.

Cloud is Good

The company is also testing a new all-cloud service to do away with the need for servers, which will be officially announced in the near future. You can play with a demo of both the front and back end here.

On all that evidence, MediaCore has come a long way quickly and there's more to come before it hits a full release. For anyone looking for an open-source solution to posting and promoting video content, this is well worth a look, and is only set to get better.