Fractal Analytics Buys Mobius Innovations From an Old Friend

Fractal Analytics Buys Mobius Innovations From an Old Friend

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Continuing its quest for hyper-personalized marketing tools, FractalAnalyticsannounced today it bought Mobius Innovations to better understand thethinking of mobile customers.

The acquisition reflects a deal between two former partners: Fractal CEO Srikanth Velemakanni and Mobius CEO Nirmal Palaparthi. The two men co-founded Fractal 14 years ago. Terms of the transaction weren't disclosed.

Palaparthi left Fractal in 2012 to start Mobiusin Singapore. The company developed a platform called Contextudio,which blends social media data, geolocation technology and sentiment analysis toproduce intelligence about consumers. It also developed amobile delivery app for iOS devices that could create personalized offers inreal time.

Do You Know Me?

“As consumers, we now expect companies we do business with to understand us, know our context and help us solve our problems by offering relevant products or information in real time,”Velamakanni, said in astatement.  “[The] Mobius acquisition will enable our clients to drive hyper-personalized customer conversations on mobile platforms through real time learning using customer context.” 

In an interviewwith CMSWire last Spring, Velemakanni explained how Fractal wants touse its extensive data warehouse to provide answers to consumers wherever theyare in near real-time.

"We don't even know what's possible now with billions of sensors and all these cameras. It is changing. Our expectations 10 years ago were very different from today, and I think we're already close to meeting many of the expectations from 10 or 15 years ago. It's a moving goal post and I really don't know if there's a date where we can say we will meet customer expectations for real-time analytics. But it's getting really, really sophisticated as we speak," he said.

Consumer Genomes

Fractal's core product, Customer Genomics, already uses deep learning analysis toshow what, when and where consumers make decisions to make purchases. Its "genome markers" provide predictive intelligencebased about consumers based on their interactions with products, brands, servicechannels and social networks.

Fractal claims its technology has helped Fortune 100 clients to increase theirhit rates on leads by 15 percent while increasing redemption revene by 230percent.

Learning Opportunities

“As individuals, we live in a dynamic world where we are more than the sum of our stated preferences and transactions,” saidPalaparthi. “We developed Mobius to enhance consumer intelligence based on when and where they are in their lives and at a given moment. This integration will help Fractal further advance its innovative analytics platform to help serve the needs of clients around the globe.” 

Going Deep

Natwar Mall, CEO of products at Fractal, said Mobius' technology will allowFractal to better "plug into" the mobile and social ecosystems. "It fits neatly in our Customer Genomics product roadmap to build deeper understanding of customers through every interaction and transaction,”he said..

Founded in Mumbai, Fractal moved its headquarters to San Mateo, Calif. on thenorth end of Silicon Valley in 2010. It now has more than 800 employees in 13locations, with customers in over 100 countries.

Fractal received a $25 million investment from TA Associates in 2013. Lastyear, it announced a long-term partnership with Aimia, a brand loyaltymanagement firm that includes joint development of customer analytics tools.