Why Marketers Should Care About Apples iPhone 6

Why Marketers Should Care About Apple's iPhone 6

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A bigger iPhone 6 screen may make some butts look bigger.

But it also opens larger opportunities for digital marketers.

Digital marketers can capitalize on a new market, take advantage of higher-resolution screens with video marketing and expand marketing opportunities to beyond tablet users -- even, perhaps, the youngest of those users.

How big is this opportunity for digital marketers? So far, Apple reports 4 million pre-orders of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

"Previously, many mobile branding campaigns have focused on tablets," said Tom Bash, manager of product strategy and operations at Exponential. " With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, these campaigns can offer a more optimized experience on users’ devices that are accessible on-the-go, always-on, and at arm’s reach."

Screen Opportunities

Ann Breckenkamp, product manager for CommandIQ, told CMSWire the impact is related to the new iOS 8 operating system that the iPhone 6 will be running. She penned about those changes here.

However, the size of the iPhone 6 has digital marketers thinking about how to capitalize on the larger screen, she added. "I expect we're going to see even more rich media and video, especially as mobile ad leaders like Facebook and Twitter are pushing these harder," Breckenkamp said.

Bash agreed the larger screen opens opportunities for digital marketers.

"Savvy mobile marketers have already been taking advantage of bigger smartphone screens on many higher-end Android devices for some time," Bash told CMSWire, "but this will bring the big-screen experience to a large base of new, very-desirable users."

digital marketing, Why Digital Marketers Should Care About Apple's iPhone 6

The new screen also means a high-definition experience. The Retina HD display will be ideal for high-quality, engaging video advertising, according to Bash.

"The iPhone 6 screen has over 1 million pixels and the iPhone 6 Plus is full 1080p," he added. "Marketers and publishers should note, however, that though screens and pixel counts are getting larger, mobile connection speeds aren’t necessarily getting faster at the same rate."

iOS 8 Notification 

Marketers can also take advantage of iOS 8’s enhanced notification system. With iOS 8, users can respond to, and interact with, an app-generated notification without leaving their current app or unlocking their phone, Bash told CMSWire.

"Though this streamlines user behavior and offers more interactive experiences," he said, "users still won’t want to see explicit advertisements popping up on their lock screens. To take advantage of this change, then, marketers may need to work with app publishers to get creative on truly native advertisements. Advertisers will need to be increasingly keen to what users will want to engage with." 

Learning Opportunities

Bash cited an iPhone user booking a reservation at a specific restaurant in their city directly from a notification triggered by reading related content and sent by an app like OpenTable.

"Interestingly though," Bash said, "this could also theoretically lead to users spending less time in certain apps where they are exposed to traditional advertising -- as they can perform the desired task directly from the notification. This will be an interesting scenario for app publishers reliant on advertising for monetization."

Apple Watch and Big Data

If adoption is quick, Bash said the Apple Watch can rapidly become the dominant player in a market that has been without a clear leader so far.

"Though it’s doubtful that traditional advertising will emerge on the Apple Watch, the device is even more personal and user-connected than the iPhone -- the latter being often stashed in pockets, purses, lockers, etc.," Bash said. "This can generate even more data, which will reveal an even clearer picture of the consumer for the marketer. However, this is assuming they have third-party access -- which they may never have to Apple’s HealthKit -- and the know-how to process and make sense of the data."

Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search offers a new opportunity for discoverability because it will allow people to search outside the information that is stored on their phone, Breckenkamp said.

"Now marketers will need to be thinking about how to optimize their apps and content for discovery through this new feature," she said.

Marketers will also be able to drive engagement of their mobile apps by highlighting them on the lock screen when they're relevant to someone's location, Breckenkamp added.

"Additionally, there are positive implications for user acquisition by using the lock screen to prompt download of new apps that haven't been installed but are relevant to someone's location at a specific moment," she said.

Further, iOS 8 will open up sharing options to all developers -- beyond Facebook, Twitter, etc. -- so marketers should be thinking about these channels as new opportunities for user acquisition and virality.

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