With more business being done abroad than ever, Adeptol (news, site), a document viewer specialist, can help get your message across thanks to a neat translation tool.

Adept At Translation

Adeptol offers on-premises and cloud solutions to the endless number of documents that pile up on the digital desk. Supporting some 300 formats, including AutoCAD, PDFs, RAW images and even Fax formats it can view just about anything. Now, Document Viewer can also be used to translate them into another language.

With a mix of AJAX and Flash technology, the Document Viewer can let cloud users view just about anything in their browser, which then uses Google Translate to convert the selected text into one of 40 languages. It works without additional plug-ins and can also work with Babelfish or other translation facilities.


Demo of Translation Capability

Testing Tongues

You can try a demo of the Web version here. The translated text can be read, or copied out into other documents to help get your message across. Based on a test with the demo, it isn't the most elegant of solutions. There isn't just a straight option to convert the whole document, instead translated text appears in a pop-up. However, it helps to convert blocks of text quickly and effectively.

The Server version can work in conjunction with the likes of SharePoint, Documentum, and others. The Enterprise version of Document Viewer was launched earlier in the year. With customers including Coca Cola, CBS and a huge list of software companies, Adeptol has come a long way in its two-year existence.