Adobe has announced enhancements to its service that helps users send large files without clogging their email systems, Adobe SendNow. The latest updates make the software easier use and may extend the appeal of the product.

An Alternative to Emailing Large Files

Most enterprise email systems have policies that prevent sending and receiving files above a certain size. This seems logical and even helpful. Who really wants to get a 2 gig video of the your co-worker’s kid’s birthday party? These restrictions are welcome until you need to get some ultra-important report distributed via email at the last moment and realize you’ve exceeded the email file threshold. Encountered with this challenge, many users “rig” solutions ranging from file shares and cloud-based services like DropBox to compressing and splitting the files before sending. All they really wanted to do was send a big file.

This is precisely the issue that Adobe’s SendNow solves. Users:

  • upload files the service
  • specify options like requiring a sign-in or getting delivery receipts
  • send it to recipients

The service include multiple pricing plans starting with a free tier that permits files up to 100MB to be stored for download by recipients for up to 7 days.

SendNow Now Easier

Now Adobe has made the service even easier for users of Microsoft Outlook. The company has released a new plug-in that allows users to send oversized files without leaving the comfort of their email client. Users can configure the plug-in to automatically use SendNow if an attachment exceeds a specific size.


Attachments sent through the plug-in appear in the recipients inbox as a link instead of a large download.

In addition to the new Outlook plug-in, Adobe also announced a new Convert to PDF feature that allows users to convert documents to PDF format before sending it. Convert to PDF is free and allows users to convert an unlimited number of files no matter what subscription they purchased for SendNow. The Outlook plug-in is also available at no cost, but its features vary by SendNow subscription level.

Do you use SendNow or a similar service? Is it more useful than just uploading to DropBox or similar services? Let us know your thoughts.