Alfresco has taken another step towards making document management truly mobile with the release of its Alfresco Mobile 1.2 app built around an integration with QuickOffice and available for iPads and iPhones through the App Store.

Using it, and for users of Afresco’s document management system, business users will be able to edit documents on their mobile devices and save the changes back to the Alfresco repository. In this version users will also be given full version control, which has been one of the obstacles to its use on mobiles.

Alfresco Mobile

Originally, when Alfresco placed its first mobile apps in the App Store in September, it said it didn’t want to restrict mobile access to its content to its own apps.

The result was a number of apps that enabled user’s access to content through other mobile apps like iWork and GoodReader.

This release is in keeping with this idea, and like the earlier apps are also free to download. The big difference here is the version control, which Alfresco has been pushing as the real selling point with v1.2.

Alfresco Mobile 1.2 makes it possible for businesses to enable incredibly powerful mobile content collaboration within an IT environment that requires security and scalability…,” said John Powell, CEO of Alfresco.

Alfresco Mobile Apps v1.2

And there are a number of improvements to the Alfresco Mobile Apps that will make this attractive to users. New functionality includes:

  • App-to-app integration: Enables users open documents in Alfresco directly into QuickOffice and save them back into Alfresco with edits and version history, along with all necessary metadata.
  • Repository support: Access to all Alfresco repositories through a single interface, with downloads carried out from different repositories into a single download section.
  • Content previews: Full screen previews of any content including presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, video files and ,of course, documents.
  • Social features: It comes with social features including “Like” that enables users to “like” documents or add comments through an iPhone or iPad.
  • Activity feeds: Enables users to view the activity of other colleagues and see what they have been doing in Alfresco.

In addition to this, Alfresco says it is working with one of its development partners, Zia, to open the source code to enterprise developers enabling them create custom mobile content for their own enterprise, or for enterprise clients.

It’s only a small step up from September's original release, but with the apps in open source now, there should be some interesting developments in the coming months.