ASG Software Solutions Enterprise Archiving Records Management
ASG Software Solutions, a provider of enterprise archiving and records management solutions, recently announced the integration of its ASG-ViewDirect product with Hitachi Data Systems' Hitachi Content Archive Platform. This deal came together as a result of ASG's desire to address the challenges involved with managing enterprise content, while allowing users to easily interact with it. The partnership with Hitcachi Data Systems (HDS) helps ASG achieve these goals.This move comes shortly after ASG's release of new additions to its business service platform.

The ASG and Hitachi Partnership

ASG admits that their customers need new and improved solutions for content archival and storage. The increase of data flow into companies from multiple sources with changing government regulatory requirements demands solutions that can are reliable and scalable. "The collaboration between ASG and HDS offers compelling value to our mutual customers, especially those running on mainframe-class systems," says Lynn Collier, director of archive solution sales, EMEA, at HDS. "Ensuring content preservation, protection and availability are all key Hitachi Content Archive Platform attributes, which give customers a robust information management strategy."

Putting Two Heads Together

ASG-ViewDirect and Hitachi Content Archive Platform solve two fundamental problems: # Managing consolidated, compliant content, # Scaling data efficiently, reliably and securely. ASG-ViewDirect integrates enterprise content into a single, consolidated repository or federates access to multiple, disparate repositories. It includes a complete suite of content-centric applications that enable regulatory compliance and automate business processes. Hitachi Content Archive Platform provides intelligent, scalable and high-performance active archiving based on industry standards. With an open architecture, the solution enables content protection and preservation from one or multiple applications in a common, multipurpose repository, which can also incorporate a search engine based on metadata and content. Together, ASG and HDS will work to help customers with long-term content management and storage. The partnership also promises better customer service, reduce risk exposure and secure digital content for document management purposes.