Thanks to some storage efficiency improvements, (newssite) is benefiting from some economies of scale. Of course it wouldn't be fair not to share some of that good fortune, so Box has decided to pass it on to you.

Need More Space? You Got It

Here it is in a nutshell. Box has just upgraded its cloud:

  • SAS70 II Certification
  • 256 bit encryption
  • Dual Data centers
  • 99.98% uptime

It all sounds good. So how do you benefit as a Box user?


The interesting thing here is that even the free users are benefiting, getting an increase of 4GB of space to do with what they want. For Business users, there is no longer any restriction on the amount of space an individual uses within that business edition. The cost per user is still the same, but the storage capacity is wide open (keep in mind there is a 3 user minimum for this edition and the max is now 500 GB total). Of course, enterprise editions users get the best deal -- unlimited.

So why, we asked Aaron Levie, Box CEO, did they upgrade the storage for the fremium accounts. Wouldn't it make more sense to keep it small, requiring them to upgrade to have more room? Nope. According to Levie, most people are upgrading for functionality, not more storage. So the goal is to get as many people using the free accounts so that they can see what Box has to offer. More activity/usage will, in many cases, result in a need to upgrade to even more functionality. So Box ultimately benefits. Make sense? Perfect.

More Storage Than the Competition? Sure

Here's another interesting point. With this news, Box is quick to point out that its cloud content management environment now offers more storage space per user than the competition:

  • Google - 1 GB (premium edition)
  • SharePoint Online -- 256 MB
  • -- 600MB (Unlimited user edition)

So again, we were curious: if space isn't the big seller for Box, then why make a point of pointing out they offer more than the competition. Levie points out the thinking here. Storage may not be the selling point for Box, but they don't want people going to the competition because Box doesn't offer the most storage. Now, it's no longer an issue.

Says Levie in a post announcing the storage changes:

Ultimately, we want to move in a direction where storage is never a concern for end users or IT administrators, where the cloud is effectively "infinite." Web-based applications should be all about flexibility, elasticity, and the power of connected applications and services.

The increases will take effect immediately for all new accounts, and will be rolled out throughout November for existing accounts. 

Only the Beginning of the End of the Year

It's almost November. But it's not the end of the year for Box just yet. Levie gave us a look into what things were in the works over the coming months and it all looks interesting: a search engine upgrade to Lucene, more mobile capabilities, improvements to task management and platform expansion.

Lots of more reasons to put Box on your list of content management platforms to review, the increase in storage capacity is only one thing. If you think you don't really need all that extra space, think again.