Cabinet NG Partners to Provide Document Management for Medical Community
Cabinet NG (news, site) has just notched up another scalp with the announcement that it has gone into partnership with DataNet, a software provider for the not-for-profit and free medical services sector.

The partnership will see Cabinet NG’s document management software integrated into DataNet’s MedServices, which provides all levels of patient tracking including prescriptions, electronic medical records and scheduling from a single interface.

Combined with CNG-SAFE (Shared Access Filing Environment), DataNet will be able to utilize complete chart, document and workflow management in medical centres that are specifically for people who have no, or very little, medical insurance.

Extending CNG-SAFE

And why shouldn’t Cabinet NG strike-up a partnership here. Lest you think that there’s no money it this, you’d best think again.

As it stands DataNet has over 250 clinics nationwide along with two complete States and one National Organization using its software . . .and yes all of it paid for by the government. So money shouldn’t be an issue here.

What is interesting however, is the speed at which Cabinet NG is extending the reach of CNG-SAFE and the number of companies that are taking it up.

Cabinet NG itself has said it is specifically targeting the SMB market. That the SMB market is responding favorably is clear from its recent inclusion in a list of Top 20 SMB Products from the CRN Test Centre, which applauded its ease of use and economy.

This month alone it extended the reach of CNG-SAFE by integrating with Tigerpaw’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, while only a week previously it integrated with Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software, giving users a number of new features that have not been available to them to date on Intuit’s Developers Network (IDN).

Focused Document Management

And it is this that Cabinet NG appears to be focusing on through its Independent Software Vendor (ISV) programs that offer other industry-focused solutions a complete workflow and document management package.

Since Cabinet NG launched v6.0 of CNG-SAFE, it has spent a lot of time facilitating integration with other products, including their .NET API called CNG-API. The API builds on CNG's Retriever and Synchronizer integration technologies.

Synchronizer enables organizations to add folders to an existing cabinet as they are added to a target database. Retriever, on the other hand, is CNG's current integration solution for connecting CNG-SAFE with almost any other Windows-based application.

Cabinet NG And DataNet

In this case it is integrating with MedServices Central EMR (Electronic Medical Records) v5 which was designed specifically for free medical clinics or another medical services in which sliding fees are applied to patients.

Working as a multi-site package, the MedServices products work off a central server-based database that can service a number of different clinics.

A state-wide association can buy MedServices Central EMR, farm it out to all the clinics in the scheme, with each clinic having access to only the records, or data that is specific to the clinic.

And now, where CNG-SAFE has been added it will get fully comprehensive document management software thrown in as well. Just what will Cabinet NG come up with next?