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Every day, every hour, every minute -- more information is flowing in, ad infinitum. A constant deluge. Each item must be addressed, classified, tagged, stored, secured, and made available for real-time recall. It’s enough to make a grown IT manager take up social drinking and ballroom dancing -- only without all that dancing.

When two big players cooperate -- who wins?

Datawatch Corporation, maker of Enterprise Information Management products (EIM), announces integration of their BDS Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product suite with Oracle® Universal Records Management.

Organizations increasingly find management of massive mountains of data and documents one of the most challenging issues within their IT infrastructure. Billions of documents, both paper and electronic, must be handled, archived, indexed and made available for rapid retrieval.

Large companies are under increasing pressure to comply with ever changing legal and regulatory statutes in regards to records: storage, access, security, authenticity, and longevity.

With this new partnership, Datawatch provides the server side backbone while the Oracle Universal Records Management (URM) interface enables staff to apply content-specific records management policies and practices on all data in remote repositories. 

Although deployment requires another database, users can continue accessing their existing desktop files and processes while the Datawatch BDS content manager provides centralized storage, indexing, versioning, workflow, and retention among other services. 

The integration of the two products aims for:

  • Better usability
  • Solid integration into existing systems
  • Enhanced filing based on the hundreds of file formats automatically converted during input using web services

The Oracle side claims:

  • Drag-and-drop file conversion
  • Automatically applied metadata for simple search queries
  • Pop-up menus for administrator document management functions, including appropriate conversion for delivery via a web based interface.

Is This The Complete Document Life Cycle Solution?

It’s getting closer and less painful. Installation of the Oracle Universal Records Management Adapter for Java, in tandem with Datawatch BDS electronic document archive makes a strong assault toward complete records management.

Continued commitment by these two companies can only inch the industry closer to a  powerful and complete document life cycle solution. With the continued aggregation of more and more varied content types spread across multiple locations, any solution that assists companies in managing unstructured content is a welcome commitment.

The size, track record, and installed base of this partnership indicates progress toward improved access to and management of the billions of documents companies find themselves inundated with.

What are your thoughts on yet another partnership of gigantic companies? Is this a public relations play or is there real muscle behind this announcement?  Let us know what you think in the comments.