DocLanding Document Management
Don’t need the complexities of enterprise-level document management, but still want some of that functionality? You’re not alone, and you have quite a few solutions to choose from. The latest on the document management solutions market is DOCCENTER’s DocLanding -- a new Document Management System built on Microsoft's .NET framework, offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and designed for an “average user.” The new product is targeted towards individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) looking to centralize, manage, search, share and unshare their documents. DocLanding also claims to provide a platform for controlled collaboration at home, work and play. "DocLanding sets a new standard for document management because individuals and small businesses can now leverage the tools once only available to large organizations," said Tu Nguyen, vice president of information technology and architect of DocLanding.

What DocLanding Has to Offer

With “the average user” in mind, DocLanding offers an “intuitive graphical user interface.” Using DocLanding starts with setting up an account. After scanning or uploading documents, DocLanding users can electronically file, search and retrieve information. The times of sending bulky attachments via e-mail are long gone. With this product you can share your stuff with virtually anyone, anytime and anywhere. Additionally, users can customize their POINTs, or Personal Information Terminals, to reflect the way they organize and classify information. With one password, users can access their files and documents, as well as the POINTs of others. DocLanding also positions itself as “the only Web solution offering an annotation tool with the ability to black out or redact sensitive words.” While the claimed uniqueness of this offering is certainly not that unique, it is great to see this enterprise-level feature be there for all to enjoy. Other features include document deskewing and despeckling, watermarking, controlled viewing and check-out privileges. DocLanding also allows the preview of many popular file types, such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop, without having the actual software installed. Documents can also be "locked" to prevent accidental deletion or movement.

Document Management on the Cheap

Users with storage requirements of less than 256 MB can get a free account. The Standard Plan is priced at US$ 9.00 per GB of storage per month and includes basic e-mail support. The Premium Plan for US$ 20.00 per month per GB of storage includes two hours of telephone support per month and online chat capabilities. Impressed yet? More information about DocLanding can be found at