Document Management Roll-up: Adobe EchoSign iOS Upgrades, Axceler Aids SP2013 Migration

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There was a number of interesting releases this week. Axceler is preparing enterprises for SharePoint 2013, while Adobe has upgraded its EchoSign iOS app and Kofax added analytics to its data capture program. Meanwhile, KonwledgeLake has also upgraded Connect.

Adobe EchoSign iOS Upgrades

Adobe is back this week with more updates from its e-signature offering EchoSign. It has announced the release of upgraded offline apps that will enhance EchoSign’s offline capabilities for iOS users. From a strategic point of view, though,it has also announced plans for a multi-million dollar data center that will be based in Chicago and will, when finished, enhance the performance and availability of EchoSign.

The center, Adobe says, is a response to the growing use of e-signatures and, needless to say, its own EchoSign application. The center is due to open sometime over the summer and will tie-in with its existing data center in Dallas.

But back to the iOS app. Now in v2, it enables users to work both on and offline. Documents that are signed while offline will be automatically synchronized back to the cloud from iPad once the iPad is back online. It also offers improved readability and enhanced image quality with in and out zooms to enable the reading ofminutiae contained in many legal and business documents.

The update follows the release of EchoSign for Salesforce 13 at the beginning of May. Both are available now.

Axceler, SharePoint 2013 Migration

In the SharePoint space, Axceler has announced the release of Migration Axceleration Promotion, which offers support to enterprises that want to migrate to SharePoint 2013. Axceler says it provides end-to-end management of migration issues whether enterprises are moving to the 2013 edition from SharePoint2003, 2007, or 2010.

Its still unclear how many enterprises are going to make the move to2013, but we have seen only recently that some enterprises are still using the 2003 edition, and we have also seen that some users were not entirely happy with the 2010 version.

In any case, and for whatever reason enterprises have to move, Axceler is offering full support in what will inevitablybe a very complicated process.

Learning Opportunities

Axceler’s migration support for SharePoint 2013 comes with a whole list of features that will clean up and manage environments including the real-time collection of configuration data, detailed pre-migration analytics, content migration in waves and insight into what is actually happening.

KnowledgeLake Connect Upgrade

Also in the SharePoint space, KnowledgeLake has announced the release of its latest version of KnowledgeLake Connect for enterprises. The new version enables users to view and manage all of their SharePoint content directly from their desktops.

This time around, Connect includes Office365 support with 2013 updates, SharePoint 2013 support as well as the ability to integrate with Citrix. How does it work? KnowledgeLake Connect’s Microsoft Office Ad-ins allow users to move out of their enterprise CMS environments and interact with SharePoint content, without having to have a deep knowledge of SharePoint, while the Citrix integration enables enterprises to integrate SharePoint Line of Business applications with iPad enabling physical applications running on a server to show up on the iPad desktop.

Kofax Analytics For Capture

Finally this week, Kofax has released new analytics applications for its capture technology. The new application called Kofax Analytics for Capture provides business intelligence and analytics for Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation Module.

Out-of-the-box, it provides dashboards and near real-time reports on the performance of capture solutions, as well was metrics that can measure system performance and pick out trends. Managers can also apply security roles to data and adjust dashboards on the fly.

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