Document management this week has been dominated by the release of a number of document viewers including two that make it easier to view and share documents in SharePoint 2010. Xerox has also been busy with the release of mobile printing software, while eFileCabinet has upgraded its document management software to v5.0.

Xerox Releases Mobile Printing Options

Xerox (news, site) has only just launched its rebranding campaign to establish itself in the minds of its customers as a document management giant, but it is clearly not dropping the printing element of its business either.

Their latest release is for mobile office workers with three new tools that make it easier to print regardless of location.

The first is the Xerox Mobile Print Solution that lets mobile professionals easily and securely print e-mails, presentations and other business documents from any smart phone or e-mail-enabled device.

This enables users to print from devices without having to download drivers or applications. Users simply e-mail the file in its original format, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF, to a secure server.

Enhancements have also been added to both the Xerox Mobile Express and Global Print Drivers. These tools allow mobile workers to print to virtually any printer or MFP available on the network, regardless of location or brand, and reduce the time spent managing print drivers for various devices.

It’s the small things that count and this will make life considerably easier. In addition to this, both Mobile Express and Global Print Drivers are free and currently available for download from the Xerox website. The Xerox Mobile Print Solution will be available at the end of the year for early installs and generally available in early 2011.

Ephesoft Introduces CMIS Integration

You may remember that one of the main areas we identified as in need of careful consideration when introducing intelligent document capture was compatibility with legacy systems. Clearly open source document capture vendor Ephesoft (news, site) agrees and has just added the new CMIS specification to its software.

The result is improved interoperability between enterprise content management systems and the data coming through Ephesoft. It enables users to archive the metadata or kick start document driven business processes quickly and accurately in their enterprise ECM.

Based on open source technology, Ephesoft offers intelligent document capture with scanning, automatic classification, data extraction and document delivery. Because it is developed in JAVA, Ephesoft runs on either Windows or Linux, and users can choose from several ingestion methods.

Based in Irvine, CA, Ephesoft has developed an intelligent document capture system designed to improve the automation of mailroom processes through classifying, sorting and separating incoming documents, and extracting pertinent information from these business documents for distribution and processing.

Ephesoft Community Edition is 100% Open Source and available for download from the website. The Enterprise Edition is open source with commercial support and enterprise extensions.

Document Viewing Options for SharePoint 2010

This week has also seen a few new document viewing software products entering the market, two of them compatible with SharePoint 2010. In alphabetical order they are:


Adeptol has  announced the release of its next version of the document viewing platform. Adeptol (news, site) Document Viewer is a high speed high fidelity platform allowing users to view more than 300 file formats with no downloads, plug-ins or ActiveX controls.

The new version of Viewer introduces a range of new innovative features for developers and business users and offers better performance and loading times.

Some of the key new features include a built in text extraction engine to extract text from documents, renderer for conversion of documents to pdf, tiff, png and other imaging formats, support for additional file types, fidelity improvements for office documents, enhanced printing capabilities and improved APIs for developers.

The new Document Viewer Enterprise Edition is available for download immediately for the existing and new customers.


Atalasoft (news, site) has made its name as a provider of document viewing solutions for SharePoint and has announced general availability of Vizit Essential, a universal document viewer for SharePoint Server 2010.

Users of the Vizit viewer can visually search through SharePoint 2010 documents rapidly and effectively and enable SharePoint collaboration by allowing users to share documents without worrying if co-workers have the same desktop applications or versions.

It can also be embedded in any web page, providing a SharePoint document preview where it is needed most. The Vizit viewer works on common browser platforms and requires no additional desktop software. As this is Atalasoft's first SharePoint 2010 launch they are offering it for US$ 999 for a limited time.


Snowbound (news, site) has also just released the company's AJAX browser-based document and image viewer for SharePoint 2010.

The company says that this viewer provides high-speed viewing for multiple documents and image formats through one universal application and enhances the ability to disseminate documents to a wide group of people without any IT support or performance issues.

This is a pure HTML solution with no client installation and enables content to be viewed from virtually anywhere ensuring cross-platform support. Features include:

  • Document editing and printing capabilities for documents stored in the SharePoint repository
  • Page on Demand functions that enables users to download only the pages they need
  • Easily and quickly navigate documents using thumbnails

Snowbound says they built the viewer to enable users to view documents in SharePoint exclusively or in conjunction with one of the traditional ECM applications through a single interface

eFileCabinet Upgrades to v5.0

Finally, eFileCabinet (news, site) has also been busy with the announced release of a full point upgrade of its document management software.

eFileCabinet Version v5.0 contains on-demand features that allow eFileCabinet to expand its customer base worldwide and across a variety of vertical markets.

Features incorporated in v5.0 include:

  • Document level indexing and full text search (OCR)
  • Document retention to automatically purge, copy or archive files
  • Workflow to streamline the exchange of documents between users
  • Systematic file versioning to track the life span of documents
  • Flexible interface allowing users to import files from any program source

The company says that the upgrades are aimed at covering as many different industries as possible and comes with software that will cover everything from capture to back up. If you want to find out more check it out on the eFileCabinet.