This week we have management of documents in SharePoint from MetaVis, Jive buys OffiSync enabling users to add documents to social networks. There are also two new mobile apps for document management from KnowledgeTree and Byte Squared, and a new ECM ‘lite’ from enprovia.

SharePoint Doc Management from MetaVis

MetaVis (news, site) has just announced the release of its new Information Manager for SharePoint 2010 which enables users to bulk import, copy and classify content and documents directly from the SharePoint user interface.

Embedded directly into the SharePoint 2010 ribbon, it allows authorized users to copy content between different SharePoint sites, site collections, list and libraries, as well as bulk import from File Shares (while retaining file system metadata) and tag in one quick, simple process from the SharePoint ribbon.

As a result, users won’t have to individually classify documents or items; instead they will have flexibility to apply metadata in bulk during file import, copy or just in-place to improve SharePoint search and findability.

Jive Buys OffiSync

Acquisition news from Jive (news, site), which has just announced that it has bought OffiSync, a company that provides social solutions to the Microsoft environment, including Outlook and Office.

The deal will give Jive the ability to offer enterprises an easy way to make Microsoft Word and Outlook instantly social and tightly integrated with Jive.

With OffiSync, companies will be able to liberate and ‘socialize’ content in Outlook, and send information to where ever it’s needed.

As a result, users will be able to use Microsoft applications to create content while also sharing, annotating and collaborating on the resulting documents using Jive’s social capabilities, without leaving their familiar user interface.

For email, users will also be able to immediately promote important conversations directly into a social discussion on the Jive platform. They will also be able to view and reply to discussions on the Jive platform from their Microsoft Outlook inbox.

OffiSync was founded in 2010 and makes products that enables users to collaborate on Office documents in real time. That was the only product OffiSync sold directly, the rest being sold as white-label services.

KnowledgeTree's Mobile DM

Meanwhile, if you missed it earlier, KnowledgeTree (news, site) has recently just announced their first foray into mobile document management with a new Android app.

The new Android application will support an organization's document management processes anywhere enabling users organize, edit, sync and manage documents and associated processes from a secure KnowledgeTree vault and from an Android phone.

In addition to the new Android app, KnowledgeTree has also announced FolderSync, a new tool that will synchronize your documents stored in the KnowledgeTree Vault (in the cloud) and the desktop. Interested in more?

Office Functionality on iPad

The second mobile app this week comes from Byte Squared which has announced the general availability of Office Squared HD v.4.0 for iPad. Office Squared HD 4.0 offers robust Microsoft Office integration and functionalities on the iPad.

Byte Squared‘s latest upgrade provides complete Microsoft PowerPoint capabilities along with stability, functionality, features and document conversion.

Office Squared 4.0 is US$ 5.99 for iPhone and US$ 7.99 for iPad -- available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. Review codes are available upon request.

Easy Enterprise CMS for Mac

Finally this week, ECM integration specialist enprovia (news, site) has just unveiled BlueJet version 1.0, an enterprise content management client for Apple Macintosh.

BlueJet is a native, Mac OS X program enabling users to manage their corporate content on their Macs. It is fully integrated in the Mac OS X environment and compatible with most common ECM systems.

With it users can edit documents located in ECM systems and automatically synchronize local copies of those documents, making the work with documents transparent and efficient.

Users can also download documents and store them in an encrypted Vault area for later offline use. A smart folder keeps track of the latest documents in use and informs the user of any remote changes done to the documents currently being worked on.

The user is provided with federated search combining various search results into an easy-to-use result list including search history of recently used terms.

Simple drag and drop functionality allows BlueJet users to upload, download and move documents as needed in just a few seconds without sacrificing usability when working on their Macs.

If you want to find out more a demo version is available for free. Check it out.