Document Management Roll-up: Mac Office Gets Localized, Doculex Announces DM Services

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It may be summer and the middle of what newspapers call the silly season, but there is still a constant trickle of new document management releases. Amongst this week’s highlights are more details on the Mac Office release in October, while Doculex announces the availability of new document management services. Laserfiche and SharePoint also got officially DoD certified.

Localization and Office for Mac 2011

Last week, we were able to tell you that Office for Mac 2011 will be released in October. Like all such releases, details only ever come out like a slow leaking pipe. So today, we’ll revisit it briefly with some more news. The localization team has announced on the Mac Office blog that there will be several more languages available than expected as well as improved proofing tools.

International Project Manager Eric Paquin wrote on the blog that they would be adding two new languages to Office, bringing the total number of languages to 13 including a couple of difficult Nordic languages like Finnish and Norwegian.

Unfortunately though, they will not be offering full right-to-left support needed for languages like Arabic and Hebrew, but said they would be looking to do so depending on “market opportunity and technical complexity” (are Arabic speaking areas not one of the major emerging markets that technology market researchers are always talking about!?).

He added that “...at this time, we don’t have any updates on languages or features beyond Office 2011”.

Another feature that gets a makeover in Office 2011 is the proofing tools. While users might not see anything really obvious at first glance, they’ve updated all tools and applications to use the same APIs as Office.

The result is that 3rd party proofing tool companies that are relying on the Windows API can now port their tools to work on the Mac as well as converting the tools included in Office 2010. In this respect it is offering three more proofing tools languages (on top of the 2 new full languages): Catalan, Czech and Turkish! Watch this space for more on Mac Office.

Computech Upgrades for Mac

And speaking of Mac, UK-based Computech IT Services has just announced the launch of v2.0 of its business software for the Mac OSX platform.

BusinessMan Enterprises helps companies manage all aspects of their business cycle with Version 2 featuring new sales order and purchase order processing, document management capabilities and a human resources module.

The GUI also features a graphical drag-and-drop category-based stock inventory and products system, allowing users to create customized customer and product discount groups.

In addition, new financial and sales dashboards are available to provide users with a quick, graphical view of outstanding deliveries, quotations, sales to date, sales snapshot figures, a sales graph quick view, purchase order status and goods awaiting shipping.

Doculex Offers New DM Services

Document management vendor DocuLex (news, site) has just announced the launch of the company’s subscription-based managed document services, providing data center infrastructure and amenities to document and content management users.

Based on DocuLex’s SaaS WebSearch program and coupled with the company’s automated paper and electronic document capture module, Goby Capture, the new services can be scaled for multiple organizations and users, with a monthly fee structure based on storage volume.

The services also provide remote document access, permissions, printing and distribution, enabling secure document warehousing and sharing for practical knowledge management and collaboration.

Learning Opportunities

Designed to allow sharing of document collections across the Internet, users are offered a custom portal with encrypted site access and SSL protection, designed specifically for their needs, including access to scanned paper as PDFs and electronically created files in their native formats (including email with attachments).

Laserfiche, SharePoint 2010 Get Certified

And if you missed it late last week, Laserfiche (news, site) has been awarded DoD 5015.2 certification for its integration with SharePoint 2010.

Combined, the two now provide not only an extensive enterprise content management system, but also one that has a received certification for its records management system.

For Laserfiche this certification will give it selling power across the public sector. It is also generally recognized in the private sector as the de facto certification for ECMs, which should also raise its profile amongst private companies that are looking for complaint and secure software.

Laserfiche is one of a number of enterprise cms vendors that offer integrated records management capabilities with SharePoint. Built on Microsoft.NET and already tightly integrated with SharePoint 2007, Laserfiche adds the following capabilities to support the 2010 version:

  • ADO.NET provider to enable access to Laserfiche data from Business Connectivity Services
  • Federated Search
  • Records Management document categorization using SharePoint's BCS

Laserfiche says it is the first ECM vendor to partner with Microsoft for a DoD 5015.2 certification for SharePoint 2010. Testing for the integrated solution was completed in June and the certification is valid through June 22, 2013.

Motive Adds Digital Signature

Meanwhile, Motive Systems (news, site) which produces the economical M-Files document management system, has just announced that it has integrated ARX's CoSign digital signature to enable users to fully automate business processes and approvals.

The result is that ARX CoSign digital signature solution allows users to approve and audit legally enforceable documents. With CoSign, enterprises of all sizes can automate and streamline their signature-dependent processes while maintaining proper controls.

The integration responds to theincreasing number of organizations thatare deploying document management and document sharing systems through intranets and portals and the corresponding need forcompatible digital signature capabilities that enable full automation, including approvals with legally enforceable digital signatures.