It's a busy time in the document management world. The Microsoft Exchange Conference returns after 10 years as Microsoft gears up for the new Office 2013 release, HP uses Autonomy’s IDOL for information governance, AvePointoffers governance in SharePoint,FileTrail extends SharePoint’s records management, and Alfresco releases a new synching tool for enterprises.

Microsoft’s Exchange 2013 Features

There are a number of conferences on, but one of the more interesting ones is the Microsoft Exchange Conference, which makes its return after a 10-year absence.

It’s not really surprising that it should reappear now, given the developments around Office 2013 and Office 365, but this is specifically about Exchange. So far, with only one day of talks over, the whole emphasis has been on the new features that are due to come in Exchange Server 2013, as well as those that will appear in Exchange Online and Office 365.

In an Office blog post published this week Harv Bhela, General Manager for Exchange Program Management with Microsoft outlines some of his thoughts on it, andtalks about some of the features that will appear in both online and on-premises versions of Exchange (even if these are well known already).

Little in relation to this will be much of a surprise, as the public beta was released in July and the private beta earlier in the year.

The first day of the conference focused on the security and compliance features that will come with Exchange.

According to Bhela, the data protection and archiving features look to take Exchange into the Big Data world. Some of the features that aim to do this include:

  • Cloud-based email security with Exchange Online Protection
  • Monitoring, protection and identification of sensitive data with Data Loss Prevention technology
  • Email archiving, hold and native data governance
  • New e-Discovery tools to locate information
  • Integration with SharePoint and collaboration with site mailboxes

Meanwhile, Microsoft (for some reason) still won’t confirm release dates for Office 2013 or Exchange Server 2013, but a good guess is Spring 2013. If you’re interested in more on the Exchange conference in Orlando, check it out here.

HP’s Information Governance with IDOL

One of the more interesting announcements this week is the one from HP about the use of Autonomy’s IDOL in the management of structured and unstructured data.

It’s just over a year since HP bought Autonomy for US$ 10.2 billion. While HP has been adding Autonomy’s IDOL to some of its software, it never really gave the impression that it had a fully developed IDOL integration plan.

This release, though, looks very much like an information management strategy that sees HP really pushing the boat out as it looks to try and build on that acquisition. Interested in more?

AvePoint Compliance For SharePoint

But it is not only HP that has been issuing releases around information governance this week. AvePoint has also been busy and announced the availability of its DocAve 6 Service Pack 1 (SP) that provides governance for SharePoint.

Learning Opportunities

According to AvePoint, this SP is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership around SharePoint by ensuring security and compliance for enterprise content stored there.

DocAve 6 SP1, the company says, helps SharePoint 2010 customers unify management of on-premise, cloud and hybrid SharePoint farms, including Microsoft Office 365. There’s a whole lot of enhancements that come with this, which are too numerous to list, and it’s available now. If you’re interested in more check it out here.

FileTrail Extends SharePoint Records Management

Also for SharePoint this week, FileTrail has extended records management for SharePoint 2010 with the release of Unified Records Management for SharePoint 2010 at the ARMA conference currently underway in Chicago.

The new product automates the management of records through their complete life cycle, enabling it to be used in an existing SharePoint farm. This reduces the need for customization or data migration.

FileTrail says that using the automatic classification tool eliminates the need for knowledge workers to understand retention or take an active role in records management. Apart from that, FileTrail hasn’t said much more about it, so if you want to find you more, you’ll have to contact them.

Alfresco’s Syncing Tool

One more release worth a mention this weekis Alfresco’s new synching tool.With it, Alfresco again demonstrates its ability to respond to the changing Enterprise CMS landscape -- in a way that many other vendors are finding difficult to do.

The tool syncs content between the on-premises and cloud versions of Alfresco, enabling users to share content outside the firewall without any security concerns.

CMSWire sat down with David Gildeh, director of cloud services with Alfresco, to find out exactly what is behind this release. Interested in more?