This week, Microsoft warns against shifting from BPOS to Office 365 off you own bat, Recommind introduces collaborative and mobile email management, PSIGEN links data and documents in SharePoint, ICG upgrades its redaction software and NextDocs gets a big slice of Series A financing.

BPOS to Office 365 Migrations

September has always been the date that Microsoft has identified as the point at which they will be ready to help people move from BPOS to Office 365, but it seems seem people have been doing it themselves.

In fact, so many people are so anxious to get to Office 365 that Microsoft that has posted on its Online Services Team blog some advice on how to go about it. And the principal pie of advices is to wait until Microsoft is good and ready.

While we realize that many BPOS customers are eager to move onto the new Office 365 service and start using all the new features, we strongly recommend that you wait until we are ready to transition your tenant for you,” the post says.

In particular, it warns that if you attempt a manual migration, emails sent to your domains will be returned to sender as undeliverable until your domain from BPOS can be deleted and you can re-create in Office 365. This email outage could last as long as 24 hours, possibly longer.

So, what should someone do who is eager to move from BPOS to Office 365? Ideally, you would wait to be transitioned by the Office 365 team. However, if you are an expert in Exchange server migrations, comfortable with PowerShell scripts and just can’t wait a couple of months the post tells you what you can do.

Recommind Offers Mobile Email Management

Earlier in the week, Recommind announced an upgrade to its Decisiv Email software, which came out as v3.6. This release of Decisiv focuses on combining the dual sets of functionality of collaboration and mobility and offers a way to manage email collaboratively while mobile.

If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. But it’s a logical step for Recommind, by virtue of the fact that it had the technologies that are the focus of this release already in operation with other, or earlier products.

In particular, it extends its Predictiv Filing technology to mobile devices as well as deepening the integration with Microsoft Office and Exchange.

PSIGEN Links SharePoint Data and Docs

Meanwhile PSIGEN has announced the release of its new Data to Document Linking (DDL) Technology. The technology automatically creates a relationship between a single document copy, and sets of data within SharePoint Lists, providing multi-step integration between SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries.

With it, documents are captured, classified and data is extracted or entered. For multiple record documents, like invoices with line items or a check that pays multiple vendors, sets of data are assigned to documents in PSI:Capture.

All document data is routed to a SharePoint list and auto-linked to the corresponding document within the Document Library.

PSIGEN says many of its SharePoint and Office 365 partners are building custom document capture solutions based on the data contained within their scanned or imported documents. DDL allows SharePoint to be both a data and document repository for solutions.

IGC Upgrades Redact-It

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) has also announced new release this week with the latest version of Redact-It Desktop, its electronic redaction software.

Most notably, the new version includes new redaction log capabilities designed to make creating the privilege log, an essential part of a defensible e-Discovery process, more efficient.

The latest Redact-It offers the ability to create a customizable redaction log for each document. Users can choose which fields to include in the redaction log -- like Document Name, Custodian Name, Recipient Name, and Redaction Reason -- to ensure they match that of the case privilege log.

This release is geared specifically toward law firm and corporate legal customers. With Redact-It Reports log capabilities they will be able to streamline what is traditionally a very tedious and manual process.

If you’re interested, a 15-day trial version of Redact-It Desktop is available.

NextDocs Gets Series A Financing

Finally, NextDocs, which provides SharePoint-based software for life sciences, has just announced that it has raised US$ 10.3 million in a Series A financing from OpenView Venture Partners.

With it, it expects to double in size over the next two years. This year alone, it expects to report in US$ 15 million in revenue and has doubled in size over the past two years. The funding will be used specifically for product development, customer service and support and expansion into new markets.

NextDocs customizes SharePoint for companies in the pharmaceuticals, medical device and biotech industries and has over 100 customers across the life sciences industry, including five of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the U.S.