Document Mgt Roll-up: Microsoft Denies Rumors of Office for iPad

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This week, the web was buzzing with rumors about an iPad version of Office, which Microsoft quickly denied, Alfresco and Jive release a connector forsocialized content,Treeno released v4.0 of its enterprise content management system, Varonis joins McAfee partner program, while Cintas and ScanMd get together for medical documents.

Office for the iPad?

It’s not often that we get to indulge in reporting gossip, but when there’s a point to it, you can’t hold us back. This particular tidbit emerged over the past couple of weeks and suggests that there is, in fact, a version of Microsoft Office just about ready for iPad.

The first sightings were reported the online tech mag The Daily, which claimed that the product is so far down the road that it is nearly ready to be submitted to Apple for approval.

It also published what it said was an image of the interface and offered the info that Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files can be created and edited locally and online, but after that the details start getting a bit unclear.

Microsoft replied like a petulant child and issued the following statement: "The Daily story is based on inaccurate rumors and speculation. We have no further comment.” Microsoft also said the screen image posted by the Daily was not Microsoft software.

However, Peter Ha, tech editor at the Daily, insists that a Microsoft employee had shown him the not-yet-finished app.

And then of course there’s also the fact that the more you deny something, the less anyone believes you.

So the ball is still in the air: Has Microsoft developed an Office app for iPad, or no? It would seem to be counterproductive to release such an app before the release of Windows 8 -- its tablet operating system -- so even if there is an iPad app, what are the chances of it being released before that?

Alfresco-Jive Connector Released

Also this week, Alfresco and Jive finally brought content management and social business software together with the release of Jive Connector for Alfresco that enables cross-platform publishing between the two.

With the recent release of Alfresco v4 that offers social, collaborative, mobile, cloud-connected content management, the new Jive Connector means that users of Alfresco Standard and Enterprise editions will be able to create documents in Alfresco and publish them in Jive.

Jive users will also be able to publish in Alfresco, which means any social content that goes through either system can be integrated, enabling it to be shared across the two systems. In sum, what it does is to socialize all content.

Treeno Releases v4.0

Meanwhile, Treeno this week introduced its fourth-generation Enterprise Document Management (EDM) system that provides wide-ranging document control economically.

Building on the strength of its platform architecture, Treeno EDM 4.0 offers a new intuitive user interface that makes it easier for users to leverage its numerous features.

Fundamentally, it means reduced user training, increased productivity and lower cost of operations. It’s a powerful tool for businesses that costs as low as US$ 4,995 for an on-premises system, or US$ 49.95 per month for a cloud solution.

Learning Opportunities

It offers a robust browser-based platform that provides a wide range of functional utilities such as automated routing of reoccurring processes, content versioning, redactions and annotations, department segmenting and document control.

Cintas, ScanMD Get Together

Also this week, Cintas announced an alliance with ScanMD. ScanMD, powered by Cintas, enables medical offices to transition patient paper charts and files to electronic medical records (EMRs). The alliance will expand the range of Cintas' secure document management solutions, enabling healthcare information professionals to more easily and efficiently transition their paper files to a secure and compliant EMR program.

This is not the first time in recent weeks that we’ve seen specialized products for the healthcare market in the document management space.

Only last week, for example, Nuance announced that it has extended eCopy ShareScan to automate the conversion of paper into electronic medical records using HL7 CDA Standard.

There clearly is money here, and a lot of companies looking to gain traction there. With the new product, Cintas-certified professionals guarantee the security of medical records from pickup, through the scanning and conversion process, to the shredding of old charts and the backup storage of electronic charts.

After medical records have been converted using the ScanMD solution powered by Cintas, healthcare professionals can navigate the system with a variety of searchable data fields, which provide access to patient records.It’s available now.

Varonis Joins McAfee Partner Program

Finally, Varonis has announced that it has joined the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partner program.

The interoperability between the Varonis IDU Classification Framework and McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) will allow customers to identify sensitive data on their file systems, NAS devices and SharePoint sites, finding areas with excessive permissions and abnormal access activity.

Varonis and McAfee software solutions are engineered to provide an enterprise-wide view of sensitive data, data permissions, data usage, and who the data's owner is, to identify the sensitive data that is least protected.

The unified solution helps improve data security, decrease risk of data misuse and ensures consistency in entitlement decisionmaking.