This week, Microsoft finally gave the world a look at Office 365 in beta, Oracle pulls the plug on commercial ambitions for OpenOffice, Nuxeo adds a Google Search Appliance connector, Autonomy extends its reach in the health sector and there are two releases from AuraPortal and Visioneer.

Microsoft Office 365 Public Beta Begins

This week, after many months of waiting, Microsoft finally gave the world a look at a beta of Office 365, which is now available in 38 countries, and which will provide pricing schemes that will make it a viable option not just for enterprises, but for SMBs as well.

A cloud-based office suite, it comes with four principal components that should make office work easier and cheaper, as well as putting SharePoint within the reach of smaller enterprises. It also makes them accessible on just about anything that comes with a web browser, including smartphones.

Over the months, we have seen quite a number of vendors providing integrations for the new suite, but this week’s announcement also notes that the Office 365 MarketPlace is already open, and already offers access to apps from over 150 companies.

While we’ve already taken a quick look at it and some of its features, over the next week we will be looking at it in greater detail to tease out what you can, and, possibly, can’t do with it. Interested in more?

Nuxeo Adds Google Search Appliance

Nuxeo (news, site) this week has announced the availability of a connector that will enable the Google Search Appliance (GSA) index and search Nuxeo Document Management content, with the result that enterprises using GSA for enterprise search and Nuxeo for enterprise content management will be able to add Nuxeo Document Management to their list of data resources.

The result is that Nuxeo DM content will appear in the enterprise search results in the same interface as other data sources indexed by the GSA, giving users a unified enterprise search experience with diverse information.

The GSA Connector, to be deployed within Nuxeo DM, comes with:

  • A Google Enterprise Connector Manager, so the Google Search Appliance can search and serve documents stored in the Nuxeo Content Repository
  • A Google Search Appliance connector type for Nuxeo, to configure the connection and define the content to index

It's available on the Nuxeo Marketplace. Nuxeo Connect subscribers can download and install it in Nuxeo DM via the in-product Update Center. Non-Connect subscribers can sign up for a free trial.

Oracle Drops OpenOffice

Another announcement that has been in the air for a while was made this week, this time from Oracle (news, site), which said it will be giving up any commercial ambitions it had for OpenOffice and that it will be handing it back to the community.

Even so, Oracle has been a bit vague about its intentions, which poses the question as to whether OpenOffice is going to disappear, mutate into another project or join with LibreOffice. Interested in more on this?

Autonomy Extends Healthcare Reach

Autonomy (news, site) continues to develop its place in the records management space of the health industry. This week, it announced an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Kainos (news, site), which provides document management services, also to the health sector.

It paves the way for Autonomy’s records management and business process management software to be integrated into Evolve, Kainos’ next-generation document management solution for the healthcare sector.

Additionally, it will enable Autonomy to give Auminence – its meaning-based healthcare analysis solution – a trial run at the Evolve "beacon site" of the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust.

Kainos says that it decided on Autonomy, with which it is already a long-standing partner, because of its ability to support tens of thousands of users and manage hundreds of millions of documents.

Visioneer Physical Capture for the Cloud

Meanwhile, intelligent imaging vendor Visioneer has released Visioneer CONNECT, a set of links for Visioneer OneTouch that enables users to scan and upload physical documents to cloud repositories with one key.

OneTouch cloud links are certified and available for free downloading for Google Docs, Evernote, FilesAnywhere, OfficeDrop and DropBox.

Visioneer CONNECT is the latest link development for Visioneer OneTouch. Users’ cloud credentials (username and password) can be preset through Visioneer OneTouch so every scan job is not interrupted with log-in details. Most cloud destinations allow users to choose the folder and specify an email address so a notification email is sent with a link to their file.

AuraPortal Offers Digital Pen

Finally, BPM vendor AuraPortal (news, site) has announced the integration of Digital Pen technology within its BPM Suite. 

Digital Pen provides a high level of automation to some of the primary activities of BPMS processes, such as filling out forms, incident management, evaluation and registration, online orders and quality management.

The result is that users will be able to start AuraPortal processes in real time from data collected in traditional paper forms, as well as attach documents or images, using a digital pen and a mobile phone.