This week, we get a brief glimpse of the new document features that will be appearing with the Windows Phone Mango update later this month, First to File gets US$ 2 million to develop its cloud strategy, Recommind shows that email management is a sore point at least in the UK, DSS buys ExtraDev and Motive Systems changes its name.

Doc Features in Windows Phone 'Mango' Release

If you weren’t aware of it already, on May 24 Microsoft is to preview its Mango update for Windows Phone. However, it has already started revealing details of some of the interesting features for those interested in how they can manage their documents on it.

According to the Windows Phone blog, the Mango release focuses on business user productivity. While there are a number of ways, we are told, that it will do that, there are a few notable ones, such as the addition of functionality to Office Hub that offers the ability to save and share Office documents through Office 365 and Windows Live SkyDrive.

Other abilities include:

  • Pinnable email folders: Pin a folder to the start screen for quicker access.
  • Conversation view in email: Email messages in your inbox are organized by conversation
  • Server search: Search your email server (e.g. Exchange Server) for older email messages no longer stored on your phone
  • Lync: Lync Mobile, including instant messaging and the ability to see the presence of co-workers, will be a free download from Windows Phone Marketplace

For IT, there will be complex password support, Information Rights Management support and support for access to hidden corporate Wi-Fi networks. There’ll undoubtedly be a lot more on this over the days to come, so keep an eye out.

First to File Gets New Funding

First To File has closed a US$ 2 million Series B venture capital financing led by one of its existing investors, Foundation Capital. This means that, overall, it has raised US$ 4 million.

The company says it will use the money to extend the company's portfolio of IP document management and automation solutions, as well as developing the sales and marketing team.

It has also announced the introduction of EFR for Trademarks, a trademark document management software package that complements its EFR patent document management solution.

Foundation Capital says it is happy to be coughing up the money “…as applying the power of the Cloud to traditional business functions are especially attractive investments…”. Looks like even the venture capitalists are getting excited about cloud computing, which should reassure those who might have been having doubts.

DSS Buys ExtraDev

More document management business news, this time from Document Security Systems, which has acquired a private cloud computing company, ExtraDev, to expand the company's presence in the multi-billion-dollar cloud computing market.

Details of how much it paid were not available, but the company says the acquisition of ExtraDev gives it the necessary information systems personnel and cloud expertise to deliver AuthentiGuard DX information security technology as a SaaS.

AuthentiGuard DX is a server-side software product to secure any user-stored data such as a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Outlook email or Power Point.

The secure data is then concealed, allowing the data to be saved, printed or transmitted with additional security measures applied. Unauthorized individuals who may view the data will obtain redacted information. With document security one of the prime concerns for enterprises looking at the cloud, this looks like a pretty smart buy.

Email Management Spend

Meanwhile, Recommind (news, site) has announced the results of its latest information risk research (conducted by Vanson Bourne), which surveyed 200 CIOs and IT directors within large UK organizations.

The data reveals a serious discrepancy between the real, day-to-day information management issues that organizations face, and the budgets and resources allocated to tackle these problems.

For example, more than one-third (36%) of all UK CIOs and IT directors cited email overload as their company’s main pain point, whereas only 8% of those surveyed considered social media tools, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, to be the utmost concern -- a considerable drop from 35% in 2010’s result.

The research indicates that just 16% of organizations assigned the majority of their budget to addressing email management, despite being the UK’s top pain point.

Whereas email archives were once forgotten data stores, the risk of maintaining them has caused 71% of companies surveyed to rethink their information risk strategy to protect themselves from financial and reputational damage.

OK, you think, that's only the UK. But it’s just about certain that the situation is as bad, if not worse, in the US, where regulatory compliance is a great deal more difficult given the elevated number of regulations that have to be complied with. If you want to find out more about this, check it out here

Motive Changes its Name

Finally, Motive Systems (news, site), the developer of M-Files document management software and the cloud-based document management service M-Files Cloud Vault, has announced that it is changing its name to M-Files Inc. The company's name in Finland, the location of its European headquarters, has also officially changed from Motive Systems Oy to M-Files Oy.

In a statement, the company said it changed its name to more closely align with its primary business, solutions and market position as a provider of professional document management solutions, as well as to better leverage and accelerate the growth of the M-Files brand.