With a nip here and a tuck there, Dropbox rolled out a streamlined, cleaner design.

Stealth Facelift

Dropbox, the popular web-based file-sharing service, has been testing and tweaking its design the past few weeks and rolled out the new look. With a nod to a well-known quote from the movie Spinal Tap, Dropbox announced:

Today we turned it up to 11, and anyone who signs into dropbox.com will see a simpler, more powerful, and more beautiful web experience."

The company says the goal of the redesign was to slim down dropbox.com and focus on the user's "stuff."


Fierce File-Sharing Competition

As file-sharing services battle to win the affection of users, one thing is certain: Users are winning. Sharing files keeps getting easier and faster for us. So far this year, here are just a few announcements from file-sharing service providers:

And we're still in the first quarter of 2012!

What's New in Dropbox?

The new action bar lets users sort files by name, date, size and type. By selecting a file, a user gets options to download, delete, rename, move, copy or see previous version with the action bar.


Or the user can simply right-click to perform the same actions available in the action bar.

Dropbox added a photo viewer so you can view photos or videos using your entire screen, and new thumbnails let you see a preview of your image files.

"Our new drag-and-drop makes moving stuff as easy as on your desktop," the announcement says. Checkboxes on the page have also been replaced, allowing multiple file selection.


The search box is available in the file browser now, and results pop up as you are typing.


Dropbox says that these nips and tucks aren't the only changes in store and we should expect more cool stuff to roll out in the next few months. What new features would you like to see Dropbox add?