Partnerships are designed to be strategic, but not always collaborative. Until now. Kraft Kennedy and Equivio (news, site) have come together to provide technology and consulting.

Consultation Meets Technology

Those in the legal fields may recognize Kraft Kennedy for the technology consulting it provides to corporate legal departments and financial services firms. By partnering with Equivio, known for enhancing eDiscovery-related searches, users can receive new tools to help them capture redundant and relevant data in content-intensive business processes.

For Equivio’s services, including those that provide near-duplication, email thread analysis and relevance assessment, Kraft Kennedy will provide comprehensive consulting, training, implementation and integration services, recommending the how, what and whys of data management. 

Reduce Risk, Manage Data

The goal is to help customers identify redundant data in an effort to reduce costs and risk of processes where documents are the primary focus, like litigation, investigations, litigation readiness and content management.

In a world with a lot of content and documents, companies are overwhelmed with how to search them and figure out their relevance to cases, compliance issues or general workflow.

Data is more searchable, missing information can be found, documents can be compared and reviewed, helping litigators meet tight deadlines and companies have more control.

Taking their Advice

Equivio customers will benefit from Kraft Kennedy’s consulting experience while being able to implement the tools that will put their advice into motion.

In return, Kraft Kennedy will be able to address problems of exploding data volumes and identifying redundant and relevant data.