If you thought Google's addition of the drag and drop upload feature to Docs was convenient, you'll love the additional perks that were announced today, including the ability to upload entire folders. 

The existing folder structure is preserved on upload which means that folders within folders will also upload and become collections within collections. The option can be found, if you're a Chrome user, in the drop down menu within Docs. If you use Firefox or Safari,  you'll need to install an applet. 

Next, Big G has merged the upload page’s functionality into the documents list. When you upload files via the new drop down menu, a new window will display upload progress:




Finally, if you are using Chrome, Safari or Firefox, you can now drag and drop files directly into your documents list to initiate an upload. You can also drop files directly into a collection (sadly, this functionality doesn't support entire folders): 






The perks will hit Google Accounts over the next month, and users will be alerted, as usual, by way of pop-up. Check them out in entirety on Google's official blog here