Is Huddle Still a SharePoint Alternative

Is Huddle Still a SharePoint Alternative?

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Huddle talks a lot about being the "alternative to SharePoint." The company used the phrase today to launch a new offering. And it used it in December when it released Huddle Note, an iOS application that enables users to create content in the cloud, share it inside or outside of a company firewall and collaborate with other workers on documents — all from mobile devices.

So is it a viable alternative to SharePoint? "Sure, Huddle is legitimate competition to SharePoint," says Rob Koplowitz, SharePoint analyst for Forrester Research. "It doesn't do everything SharePoint does, but in the areas where there is overlap, Huddle is very robust." 

About Huddle Office

Huddle today launched another tool it claims continues to make its offering an alternative to SharePoint. The San Francisco-based software provider announced Huddle Office, which is designed to enable workers to collaborate in Huddle’s cloud via their Microsoft Office tools. It's a marriage between productivity tools and Huddle’s cloud collaboration service, the company maintains.

document management, Huddle Still an Alternative to SharePoint?

Users can save files into their Huddle workspaces directly from Microsoft Office applications and each Word, PowerPoint and Excel file -- with a Huddle comment stream alongside it. According to Huddle, the solution enables users to:

  • Skip the step of saving files to hard drive
  • Comment on files directly in Microsoft Office
  • View recent files instantly
  • Use audit trails and version control

Document Collaboration

Andy McLoughlin, co-founder and senior vice president of strategy for Huddle, told CMSWire that where SharePoint acts more as a long-term storage capacity Huddle's software helps workers collaborate on "living, breathing documents."

Learning Opportunities

He lauded its quick deployment capabilities — "minutes, not hours" — and where it's hosted in the cloud, there is no administrative burden on IT.

SharePoint Not Sitting Still

SharePoint has offered solutions that provide new ways how companies can collaborate, as documented in CMSWire's three-part series this month. SharePoint 2013 has made enhancements for capacity and information management and designed a new user experience and colored documents with rich palettes of metadata.

SharePoint 2013 has intrinsic capabilities that are much more flexible than prior editions, CMSWire reported in that series. They let users keep the documents entirely in the SharePoint universe while extending them to new people and new devices.

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