Following on the heals of their announcement to support SharePoint 2010, Laserfiche (news, site) announced that it is opening up shop in Hong Kong.

Based in Long Beach, California, the company says that the new office aims to make it easier for  companies in the Asia Pacific region to access their Rio Enterprise CMS product, although it is a given that they will be pushing their Business Process Management (BPM) and Personal Document Management (PDM) software as well.

As it stands, the company says it has over 27,000 customers worldwide, but has been experiencing particularly strong growth in the Asia Pacific region, even if there is no indication of how extensive, or where that recent growth has been.

Promoting RIO

Nevertheless, the office is already up and running and aims to provide both existing and new customers with better local support and a product that addresses localization and compliance issues across the region.

The Rio Enterprise CMS software was introduced in August 2008 and includes modules for information management, document imaging, DoD-certified records management, BPM, system activity monitoring and Web publishing all within a single, centrally managed environment.


Laserfiche Rio -- Released in August 2008

Not all the modules come standard with Rio, but what you get out of the box includes:

  • Laserfiche Client
  • Scanning
  • Snapshot
  • E-mail Plug-in
  • Audit Trail
  • Workflow
  • Web Access

Rio is Microsoft .NET-based and utilizes Microsoft standards, tools and frameworks such as the core .NET framework, Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) and MMC snap-ins for administration functions. There are many other add-ons according to your needs.

. . .And Recently

There are also other recent releases from Laserfiche, which no doubt will also be available through the Hong Kong office.

These include:

  • Quick Fields 8, which was released only last month and which works on the front-end of Laserfiche's ECM product suite, allowing enterprises to customize capture and image processing for their own forms, documents, and data.
  • Weblink 8, which was launched in July and which Laserfiche says will significantly expand Rio by enabling developers to build a portal site without having to bother with any of the coding usually associated with such projects.

The opening of the new office, according to Managing Director Phyllis Chen, sees Laserfiche “embrace[ing] its management philosophy” of global control over their products while incorporating local flexibility.

That doesn’t say anything about the management philosophy of bigger markets, more customers, and better bottom lines, although there’s probably just a little bit of that in it too.