Oracle (news, site) has announced two major additions to the document management module of its Universal Content Management (UCM) Enterprise CMS today: Forms Recognition software and Imaging and Process Management 11g.

Offering End to End Business Capabilities

Some say the enterprise content management suite may have had its day. Oracle is challenging that view with a couple of new releases to its Oracle Universal Content Management Suite.

The addition of Oracle Forms Recognition and Oracle Imaging and Process Management mean that Oracle now provides end to end capabilities for managing content and complex business processes.

Part of Enterprise Application Documents

Both Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g and Oracle Forms Recognition are components of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Both solutions are also delivering on the implementation of Oracle's Enterprise Application Documents (EAD) strategy first introduced at Oracle's OpenWorld last October.

Enterprise Application Documents is a strategy that provides Oracle business applications an integrated set of content management services which includes document capture, imaging and workflow (using Oracle Image and Process Management) and storage, management and access to attachments (using Oracle Content Management).

Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g

Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g is an integrated platform for managing document images within business processes. The platform leverages solutions such as Document Capture and its web-based equivalent Distributed Document Capture, and the new Forms Recognition solution.

The solution supports a single enterprise content repository for all enterprise content using Oracle Universal Content Management and has pre-integrated adapters for the Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Business Process Management.

Capabilities of the suite include:

  • Intelligent data capture
  • Annotation and markup of images
  • Automated routing and approvals
  • Solution templates that include workflow, process rules. data forms and dashboards
  • Support for 27 languages 

It's also important to note that Oracle Imaging and Processing 11g is built on a new platform. Previously a .Net based application, it is now built on the J2EE platform and supports an SOA architecture, placing it firmly integrated in the Fusion Middleware platform.

Oracle Forms Recognition

Oracle Forms Recognition does not use templates to define extraction rules. Instead it incorporates advanced learning capabilities. You submit a sample of document types to the solution and it will figure out how analyze, recognize and categorize documents that are scanned into its Document Capture Solutions. This includes the ability to recognize a new document type without any administration intervention.

Once you have captured data using one of the two document capture solutions listed above, Oracle Forms Recognition provides the ability automatically extract information from those documents and integrate it into specific business applications as required based on the document type, business process and vendor.

[Editor's Note: See our recent review of Oracle UCM 10gR3 -- CMS Review: Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM).]

Providing a 360 Degree View of Information

Remember what Hasan Rizvi, Oracle Senior Vice President of Oracle Fusion Middleware Product Development said during OpenWorld:

"…plans include the most complete ECM platform by providing a unified repository with end-to-end image processing," Rizvi said. “Oracle's plans include enabling more efficient and timely reuse of content while also continue delivering tighter integration with Oracle Applications as well as Oracle WebLogic Server and other Oracle Fusion Middleware."

It is true that the managing of enterprise content should not exist in a vacuum. It is completely tied to business applications and business processes. Enterprises do need solutions that enable them to have this complete view of their enterprise content without having to use multiple systems.

Available as both standalone products or as part of the Oracle UCM Suite, Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g and Oracle Forms Recognition are available today. In fact, Oracle Imaging and Process Management was officially unveiled during an Oracle Webinar in late February. You can view that webinar or read a Q&A on Oracle's blog.