Wanting to expand on delivering targeted advertising technology to its Canadian home turf and the U.S., Prinova (news, site) has taken its enterprise messaging management software to the U.K. by signing up with Docuplus, a document lifecycle management specialist.

While this will open up a whole new market to Prinova, and a market that is actively looking for technologies to deliver the targeted advertising Prinova’s Messagepoint 3.0 can, for Docuplus the deal adds a new piece of software to their growing portfolio of “Best of Breed” products.

Docuplus’ Document Lifecycle

Not that Docuplus doesn’t deliver its own ready build solutions, because it does, but it has built a reputation as a company that delivers advanced business communication solutions that span all stages of document lifecycle.

Not directly providing document management software, or software for document automation and process automation, Docuplus started its life as a technology consultancy advising companies on best document communication systems.

By now, it has evolved into a company that builds its own solutions, or develops systems for clients using the best software the market has to offer. The result is solutions that aim to simply document lifecycles and enhance the productivity of legacy systems that might already be deployed in enterprises.

Prinova’s Messagepoint 3.0

For its part, Prinova brings its Messagepoint software to the deal only four months after it upgraded to version 3.0, which added connectors for marketing, CRM and multi-channel delivery. In fact v3.0 added more than 100 new features to what was already substantial enterprise message management software, including the ability to track customers' buying patterns online.

Working with major document composition tools and e-delivery platforms -- like email and SMS -- Messagepoint features enable companies to create targeted and highly personalized messaging for their customers, without having to get the IT department on the job.

Targeting Advertising in Europe

But why now? Obviously there has to be profit in it, or at least the potential for profit. From the Prinova point of view, Michael Charest, worldwide sales VP, said they had been looking at Europe because of the growing interest there in developing targeted advertising campaigns.

And while some people may have objections to being followed online, a recent SDL Tridion survey entitled "What the Customer Wants" shows that 30% of Internet users shop online more than they did before.

More significantly for Prinova moving into the UK, 66% expect to view content specifically catered to their interests with 41% saying they’d be more inclined to shop online with a vendor that allowed them to create a personal shopping profile.

For Docuplus, which has been targeting its services at marketing and business users, they’ve just added a substantial piece of software to their portfolio and you can never really get enough of that.