Maybe it’s a sign of the growing awareness across enterprises of the importance of records management, or maybe it’s just because they could, but for whatever reason Perceptive Software (news, site) has added an optional records management component that can be placed directly into its enterprise management content system ImageNow.

The new 6.5 version of ImageNow has a number of new features, but the records and information management component means that these tools are directly available in the ECM as opposed to using two different systems.

ImageNow And Records Management

Apart from the obvious benefits of having a records management system built directly in your ECM, ImageNow 6.5 can now manage the entire lifecycle of documents from the time they enter the system to the time they are designated as records.

Perceptive already had records and information management products before the release of v6.5, but it didn't require the creation of an entire new component.

However with ImageNow 6.5, and assuming a company has identified what it will be keeping as records, the new component will implement functions like automated destructions, destruction approvals and document transfer to records repository -- all from a single-use interface.

ImageNow ecm_2009.jpg

ImageNow ECM

ImageNow 6.5 Upgrades

Two other upgrades with v6.5 are worth a look.


eForms was originally added to ImageNow last August with the release of v6.4. This release, Perceptive says, builds on that and makes information capture quicker and easier.

With it, enterprises can add clients who are not licensed ImageNow users into the workflow. Using HTML forms, an enterprise can post forms on external websites, intranets or portals where clients can fill them out and post them back directly into the ImageNow workflow.

By posting directly into the workflow the possibilities of human handling errors are reduced as are any number of security issues that might arise by using e-mail, or other external communication functions.

And with easy permission settings, forms can be directed to any particular department, or individual, both securely and timely, with cost savings at both the enterprise and client end.

Business Intelligence

The new business intelligence feature does exactly what it says it does by measuring enterprise activity and productivity with dashboard displays and graphic views of business processes and system metrics.

Lexmark And Perceptive

It there doesn’t appear to be many upgrades in ImageNow 6.5 then it’s probably not all that surprising in that this release is only a single point increase on its 6.4 version from last August.

However, maybe Perceptive is waiting until the dust has settled on the Lexmark acquisition deal before it starts venturing into major upgrade territory. After all, the new boss might be thinking something different.

In case you had missed it, Lexmark has agreed to buy Perceptive for US $280 million in a deal that is expected to close later in the summer.

As well as moving it into the ECM space where it will also be able to market its extensive MFP line of products, Lexmark says the deal will provide it with new revenue streams in software maintenance and professional services that are not paper usage dependent.

So if Lexmark (news, site) is looking to sell ImageNow as their ECM product across their print management channel, then maybe they have features that they would like to see added. Maybe that’s why we’re only seeing a small upgrade now, particularly as it has been almost a year since the last one.